Ninja Gaiden 3 – see the first 30 minutes

Ninja Gaiden 3 is one of the first big titles of 2012, and the March release is something Team Ninja fans have been waiting for since 2008. Though it may look familiar, the newly rebuilt developer has a few tricks in this sequel, not the least of which is an increased emphasis on story and a new, bloodier approach to doing special attacks. With a more global view on the world than ever before in the franchise, the third game follows Ryu Hayabusa as he battles a strange cult all over Earth.

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NYC_Gamer2479d ago

used to be one of the biggest fans of this franchise until it became a typical dumbed down mainstream piece of trash

Yi-Long2479d ago

... seeing how they handled Sigma 1 and 2, and having seen the previews for NG3, I honestly don't have high hopes for this game.

Sadly, cause Ninja Gaiden Black was one of my favourite games last gen.

TheMutator2479d ago

you used to be one biggest fans of that franchise , then you took an arrow to the knee

Ares84HU2479d ago


Can you explain how it was dumbed down??? I would love to know. NGS was great and NGS2 was also awesome and this looks promising as well.

Raider692479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

My guess is that you never played NG,NG BLACK and NG2 (xbox 360).Its obvious that in NG3 the gameplay,art style gameplay its dumbed down for the casual approach.

Silly gameAr2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Played everyone of those, and own most not counting the original NES games. Still looking forward to NG3? Yes. Is that really a bad thing?

Captain Qwark 92479d ago

i agree with you man, i admit up unitl right now i thought this looked gay, after seeing that though they can have my money back, will for sure buy this. been loving ninja gaiden all my life i dont think this will dissapoint, i do miss me decapitations though :(

LackTrue4K2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

"Agree with that" Now im looking more forward to Rising, still going to pick this up used or really cheap. EDIT, @TheMutator. Try harder!!! (example) "I used to be one OF the biggest fans of the franchise, until i took a NINJA star to the knee"

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Jensen2479d ago

this game looks amazing!.. the dragon ninpo doppeee!

A7XEric2479d ago

Am I the only one who is utterly annoyed over the fact that there is so much blood, yet no limb severing?

kaveti66162479d ago

The preview version may have dismemberment disabled.

jetlian2479d ago

naw its gone. this is running on sigma engine

RyuX192479d ago

I don't know about body dismemberment, but they did say head decapitation was out.

blaze22-qwerty2479d ago

Looks like NGS2 is going to be the last good game in this franchise.

R.I.P Ninja Gaiden Games :(

Silly gameAr2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Don't want to spoil it for myself, or I would watch ASAP.


Everything is so negative, not just for certain games, but for gaming in general. It's like people have to hate before they even know what is being offered. Something tells me this well be the trend going into 2012.

It's really not looking like a good year, and it SHOULD be for most gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.