Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue 3

Shenmue fansite ShenmueMaster has scored an interview with series director Yu Suzuki, who talks about the possibility of acquiring the Shenmue rights from the current owner, Sega.

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Magnus2477d ago

I'd buy Shenmue 3 if Sega wants to test the waters with Shenmue release 1&2 on PSN and XBL I'd buy them again since my Dreamcast is done and I can't find the Xbox version of 1&2.

christheredhead2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Instead, Sega decided to test the the waters of Shenmue 3 with a social mobile game only released in Japan. Which was cancelled recently after a very short run, great idea Sega. With that mentality I have no hope for Shenmue 3 at this point.

Truthfully though, Im rather surprised they have yet to release an HD collection. They were quick to throw Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi on PSN/XBL, but don't even acknowledge the possibility of a Shenmue HD release. Still hoping it happens, just doubtful though.

fuzion17c2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

A Shenmue HD Collection would be awesome! Hopefully Shenmue 3 sees the light of day. Definite buys for me!

I own a Yu Suzuki signed copy of the original Dreamcast Shenmue, a signed strategy guide, & a signed t-shirt. Took a photo w/ the legend himself too. If an HD Collection & part 3 were announced, I'd consider putting those signed items up for auction on eBay!

MizTv2477d ago

its funny that all these people want this and they dont make it. looks like easy money to me and like se with ff7 just make the damn games!!!!

dark-hollow2477d ago

Actually this case is 1000 worse than the ff7 remake.
People want to finish the story for gods sake!!

Redempteur2477d ago

Especially since teh author says that his favorite part is in the chapters not adapted in the game.

yokokoroma2477d ago

This is long overdue!! SEGA, wake up! Shenmue was a flagship title for Dreamcast! It was the singular reason many bought the console!!

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