EA Shuts Bright Light Studio

EA has closed the doors to the Guildford-based Bright Light Studios, according to reports.

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ElliePage2480d ago

That's what happens when you make a Harry Potter Kinect game.

ATi_Elite2480d ago

They should of added Bioware to their name and had plans to make a game using the Frostbite 2 and they would of survived.....or did something better than make Harry Potter games.

Mikeyy2480d ago

How can the people that work there be truely proud of themselves?

How do you have Pride when you make Harry potter video games?

Where is the glory?

OhMyGandhi2480d ago

while I think that's a tad harsh, it's what I feel is quite odd about this company, it's not a case where they make big games, and their genius cannot be sold to the general public, it's more like little gimmicky DS titles and movie tie ins. I feel like their Harry Potter titles simply could not capture the world, nor realize it's full potential, which is unfortunate because the movies are begging to be made into a meaty RPG of sorts.

Not saying that their DS titles were bad, but I feel like they weren't "broadening their horizons" (I hate saying that but it works for this). smaller titles can be put on the App store, or for PSN and XBLA, and considering the fact that 100 people worked that, it feels like no one there was really thinking -big-, and that is simply how the industry is run nowadays.

Captain Qwark 92479d ago

its sad when any company goes under man, those are real peeps who just lost their jobs. worst part is i highly doubt it was their choice to make harry potter games, the higher ups prob told them to do so becuase they thought they would make millions and when they tanked becuase nobody wanted them, the studio is to blame....