Shogun Gamer's Best of 2011 Awards - Day One

Casey White wrote: "Not to get started out on a cliché here, but considering were now securely planted in 2012 with 2011 fading into the distance behind us; it seems like the perfect time for a little “Out with the old, in with the new.” And for a video game news blog like Shogun, that can me only one thing: Game of the Year! This year we’ve opted to change up the formula a little though.

In previous emails we kept it pretty traditional: Categories that outlined the standard genres of gaming, a winner in each console category, and a few “one-offs” like music or graphics. Instead we’ve opted to highlight a couple -- well, more than a couple honestly, so many we’ll be splitting this year’s into two-days of award – of the best, and worst, of 2011 with our own ‘à la carte’ categories."

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