Nano Assault Review [] writes: "Back during the launch of the Game Boy Advance in 2001, German-based developer Shin’en created Iridion 3D. Originally developed as a Game Boy Color title before being moved to the then-new handheld, it was a remarkable title if only for its graphics which pushed the boundaries of what was expected from the GBA due to its quasi-3D graphics. The developer released a sequel on the platform years later and followed up with two Nintendo DS titles under the name Nanostray, each of which featured the same frantic and demanding “bullet hell” shooting action. With the Nintendo 3DS now taking the spotlight the developer has revived the franchise yet again with its newest iteration: Nano Assault."

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mephman2530d ago

Seems like it's been a bit hit and miss with reviewers. Some love it, some don't.

fozzness2530d ago

6/10 :( That's a shame. I guess I'll stick with my super stardust.

Hardedge2530d ago

I'll stick with Super Stardust HD. That or Starfox. Lag doesn't really help in bullet hell games. :(