Platinum Games: A new game for 2012

Platinum Games will be anounce a new game this year.

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jc485732531d ago

this is most likely Hideki's new game. He told everybody through an interview that he will announce and possibly release a game later in 2012 to actually prove that he is more than just a guy that twitters. Hideki wants to move on.

Venox20082531d ago

I really want Bayonetta 2... :) and after some time God Hand 2, Viewtiful Joe and Vanquish please..! :) oh and a REAL Madword 2, not Anarchy reigns... pleaaaaase :)

OmegaSlayer2530d ago

Bayonetta 2 all the life.
A game that focused on gameplay skill and fun like no other did this gen.

Lord_Sloth2530d ago

I dunno. Bayonetta's gameplay was rock solid, no arguing there, but the storyline and cutscene presentation just annoyed the hell out of me.

Hopefully he'll make an action game with a more serious overtone. Maybe even gothic visuals like Chaos Legion or Devil May Cry.

dark-hollow2530d ago

Bayoneta cut-scenes are dripping with cheese, but i kinda liked it.

BlackPrince 422530d ago

I hope this ends up being Bayonetta 2. With DMC going in a more Westernized direction we need this series to pick up the slack in the batsh*t crazy Japanese hack 'n slash department.

ElliePage2530d ago

Bayonetta sucked ass. Here's hoping he's not a one trick pony this gen.

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