NFL Blitz is Back! | ESG Review

Gator writes:
"Man I remember the days that I would play NFL Blitz 2000 on PlayStation one, fast forward more then a decade later and here I am starting off this new year with NFL Blitz again. Brings back memories and surprisingly still makes new ones. Right when I played my first game I could see that this is just a cleaner version of the series which is good. Its not broke so don’t fix it right? This game is cleaner with HD gameplay at 60 fps making it the best looking and responsive NFL Blitz to date. From being able to play classic play now blitz to the other game modes such as Blitz Battles, Blitz Gauntlet, Elite League, and the option to play Co-op online."

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H2OAcidic2574d ago

I shall make love to this game! >.<

Gator_ESG2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

homo.... jokes! lol

ElliePage2574d ago

I heard they removed late hits which is the main point of the Blitz games so I didn't bother with it.

TheShow172574d ago

There is that awkward moment after the play where you want to hit the other guy, but can't. Other than that, I think they really stayed true to the experience I remember, with updated graphics and online vs modes. I really enjoy the game and would recommend it.

Gator_ESG2574d ago

They did but not because EA wanted to NFL wouldn't allow it.

ElliePage2573d ago

I wanted to buy this game but not anymore. Not because I didn't want to, but because NFL wouldn't allow it.