2K Games Makes Official Statement Regarding 2 X-COM Games In Development

XXLGaming writes, "We received the press release today about XCOM: Enemy Unknown like everyone else, but it peeked a little curiosity. Over the past year we have been covering an XCOM game in development at 2K Marin but have heard little as of late. Suddenly this game appears with a different development team so it of course raised questions. We contact 2K and they gave us an official statement."

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Dark_Overlord2480d ago

So they finally realised their Bullsh*t reboot wasn't gonna fly with long terms fans of the series, this way they can keep the people who don't know jack sh*t about Xcom (and only know how to point and shoot) and the long term fans of the original happy.

EvilDonkey2479d ago

Ill wait and see if XCOM FPS is bull or not. Ill buy it if its good.

But a TB XCOM is what I have been longing after for many years. Its a must buy for me.

sonicsidewinder2480d ago

There's gonna be a big resurgance of these type of games soon.

Xenonauts, UFO: Extraterrestrials 2, the new Jagged Alliance.

Even if this xcom still ends up not living up to expectations, there's plenty to fall back on that might be better.

All the same, it's great news.