Top 10 XBLA soundtracks: Part 2

Last year, XBLAFans posted a list last year of the top 10 XBLA soundtracks and while it’s a great list, there’s been a great deal of omissions and new tunes in the past year. Some of them have become iconic and immediately hummable or in some cases, incredibly dance-y. So XBLA Fans is bringing you another 10 to add to the list, in no particular order since they’re all winners.

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cain1412531d ago

I had that Orc's Must Die song stuck in my head for weeks...

DanCrabtree2531d ago

Well, Scott Pilgrim. If it's soundtrack didn't succeed, I don't know what would.

randomlyrossy2531d ago

Missing my personal favourite of Half-Minute Hero but it's still a pretty great list!