Age of Empires III Hits Steam

In what appears to be the start of a new initiative by Microsoft to publish old PC titles digitally, Age of Empires III: Complete Collection has turned up on Steam.

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NYC_Gamer2530d ago

MS might as well become one of the publisher partners of steam

Theo11302530d ago

or they buy steam ahhahahhaha(evil laugh), but I hope that doesn't happen.

Criminal2530d ago

Awesome! Can't wait to play it again.

sonicsidewinder2530d ago

Got it on GFWL when it was getting sold for £0.10.

The thought of it being £15 again just doesn't add up.

VoggNogg2530d ago

Meh... Let me know when Freelancer comes to Steam.. I will pick that up in a heartbeat!