Amy: Everything you need to know before launch

Amy is a futuristic horror/survival game that is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 January 11th. Time to catch up on the story-line and characters of the game.

The year is 2034 set in December after years of global warming has caused disease and natural disasters world-wide. Silver City, located in the midwest has been affected uniquely from a comet that crashed into the small town.

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ilovemyps32504d ago

I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be awesome,too many good games coming this year.
With Christmas special prices, I could pick read red redemption and motorstorm apocalypse,for a few bucks only.
It's good to be a psn+ user,really.being able to buy full games with all dlc,for a fraction of the full price, its simply more good missed they keep adding them to the psn,and by using the feature 'you could be interested in this game', you discover titles that you skipped or missed when they were released.
Recently I bought,from psn,deus ex. Normally,I would never buy this game at te store,since you tend to buy fresh releases. But being able to download this games,much cheaper than the full price,its just perfect.I always said I would ever buy a full game again,on psn,because I want to see my boxes in the shelfs.but I now recognize the feature is just need it? You download it again.its just a pity we can't use more then 2 consoles.5 was maybe too much,2 is not great.3 consoles would just be great: yours, your brother's and maybe a 3rd console,somewhere,if you are in holidays,at friends or family,and there is a ps3 there,you can download it there and have fun.3 would be perfect.Sony,please listen to me ...

Yeah, Amy could be a good game.let's hope so.