X360 to Become the Best Selling Home Console in the UK?

VGChartz: "Can the Xbox 360 overtake the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 2 in the UK, and in the process become the highest selling home console in the country of all time?"

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Spectator12530d ago

Could be close between PS2 and 360, but I think it will do it in the end.

naznatips2530d ago

Strange that it's so popular in the UK but not the rest of Europe.

dark-hollow2530d ago

Why news like this always get a lot of sarcastic comments hiding a severe case of butthurt!?

Sales dont matter to you neither the xbox.
Thats two topics you dont care about yet the n4g crowd felt the need to share their wisdom with everybody!

EasilyTheBest2530d ago

A good read.
So the 360 doesnt only sell well in the US then.

NYC_Gamer2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

the 360 sells everywhere besides japan

Wikkid6662530d ago

I think it sells well in most English speaking countries.

fluffydelusions2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

US and UK are it's strongest territories. Europe as a whole PS3>360 by usually 100k weekly

gamingdroid2530d ago

Yeah, the Sony branding is really strong in Europe (at least it used to) as well consumers there have a very strong brand loyalty.

In Japan, there is no question Japanese tends to buy Japanese products.

That said, the Xbox 360 problems in Japan extends beyond just nationalism, although it is the biggest problem for MS.

kreate2530d ago


Hey hows it going?

extends beyond nationalism?
What other factors contributes to the 360's issues in japan other than software?

Just curious..

gamingdroid2530d ago


There are several things I can identify:

* Although MS put in massive resources, the stylistic design of the console isn't appealing to Japanese. The big @ss power brick? Although the Xbox 360 is some ways smaller than the PS3, it feels bigger. Japanese like small items. The smaller the better.

* As you mentioned software.

* Playstation/Nintendo heritage is very strong in Japan (apart from nationalism). It's like asking Detroit, MI (home of General Motors) residents to buy a Toyota car.

* Botched launch with poor launch titles suited for Japan (albeit this isn't MS fault as several key titles slipped).

* Proper advertising. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem to me MS advertising properly relates to the Japanese audience.

However, the main thing is really the nationalism. The Japanese will never open up to a foreign console unless there is no "real" national competitor and console industry in Japan.

Competing in that environment you not only face stiff competition, but also a very biased view of your product. Imagine selling a product that is at the outset negatively viewed.

THC CELL2530d ago

Really u trust vg lol kill me now. But really worrying about sales is getting beyond now... You should be worrying about what new games are coming for Xbox...

fluffydelusions2530d ago

Non Kinect wise it's just alan wake & halo 4 right?

gamingdroid2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I suppose people that only play AAA exclusives core games have a limited selection... us others, have plenty to chooses from next year.

SilentNegotiator2530d ago

Enjoy mediocrity, then, I guess.

gamingdroid2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )


So multi-platform games are mediocre now?


I'm sure they weren't when they were exclusive! /s

SilentNegotiator2529d ago

Edited 23 hours ago. You originally said "AAA core games"

gamingdroid2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Let me see... I edited 23 hour ago, and you posted 9 hours ago long after I'm able to edit my post.

You must have misread it.

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Cocozero2530d ago

360 got the two biggest regions on lock

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