Bitmob - Stop hating Nintendo and other New Year's resolutions

Bitmob - The New Year brings a chance for a fresh start. Henceforth, I make the following solemn oaths: no more trolling and no more fanboyism. It's time to be a better gamer. These are my 2012 New Year's resolutions.

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jacksonmichael2574d ago

High five on all four counts.

acronkyoung2573d ago

I really do need to pay more attention to my Wii. I have a bunch of games for it that I haven't ever gotten to playing.

THR1LLHOUSE2573d ago

I hear ya. My girlfriend bought me Zelda for Christmas and I still haven't even popped it in...It's just, you know, SKYRIM still exists.

SybaRat2573d ago

I resolve to learn how to pronounce EA CEO John Riccitiello's name.