More Zune.

Since our last Zune post we have been getting tons of feedback from readers wanting to know more. So here's a hodge podge of info/media for all things Zune. If we missed something, or you need more info just let us know and we'll bring it to you in the next update.

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Theonetheonly5860d ago

that zune-birdy commercial is awesome

Marriot VP5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Very impressive with the video stuff. But it better have a real long battery life or I'm just gonna wait a couple models later.

Size isn't important to me, and I'm loving the widescreen. It's very close to a UMPC with all it's features. It's interesting how apple is sticking to the music and nothing else while microsoft is trying to do everything. We'll see how well it works.

NJ1307RSX5860d ago

the iPod now Plays movies too. iTunes 7 was just released. And i think microsoft is going to have a lot of difficulty beating Apple in the MP3 Player market. A LOT.

signal3605860d ago

PAUL CERULA, you do know it still displays at 4:3 and not 16:9 right?

And, OutLaw I would think long and hard before doing that. In fact Creative just released a new player to counter the Zune. It's called the W:

p.s. Thanks OutLaw for the thanks! lol I spend many, many hours a week working on that site and I get thousands of people coming through and you're like the 3rd person to say thanks. I thought an ad-free site that focuses on quality posts would get a little more attention than it has. :/

Marriot VP5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Yah well guys as much as you'd like me to ignore the zune when you buy mainstream products like zune or ipods you get better support and cheaper prices.

Oh and NJ, it's not widescreen technically. It still does portrait or landscape, so in a way it is a type of widescreen. And yah duhh, I know MS is gonna have a rough time beating apple and that's what makes it so great!!!

Because both companies are gonna end up neck and neck at one time and pulling out all their best tricks and low prices. I just like new products, and zune looks pretty sweet to me. Also the xbox 360 functionality is going to be great, live anywhere, probably arcade games and what not. Trust me, I can wait to see what impresses me the most.

Ipods are just too trendy, overated, and PRICEY. All that's done is made me wait for an MP3 player, I haven't decided on zune or and ipod. But my guess is zune because I should be able to add more formats.

OutLaw5860d ago

Thank you for the news about the Zune especially seeing it in action. I already have the Creative Zen Vision M. But after taking a look at the Zune I may give the Zen to my wife and purchase the Zune this holiday.

Thanks Again

OutLaw5860d ago

I did know about the Creative W but I didn't know when it was going to be released. So I went to CNET and they had a great rating on it and the release date was september 14. So now I'm going to try and get it here in New York or order it from Amazon since they seem to be the only place right now that has it in stock. Now the only other dilemma is if I should get the 30gb for $299 or the 60gb for $399.

Marty83705860d ago

Zune is lame,looks aweful and will never beat apple.

grunt3605860d ago

Oi, PS3 fan if you don't like then Microsoft then you shouldn't post your opinion like that. When Apple launched their iPod we didn't speak ill of them. Everything deseerves a chance.

The Zune looks great-certainly with it's 30gig Hard Drive. All my favourite movies, songs and pictures on there no hassle!

Madmax12819805860d ago

Ps3 Fan It Would Be A different Story If The Zune Was Created By Sony though U Would Be Saying It Looks awesome And It Would Kill The I Pod. If U Hate Ms So Much Why Are U Using A Pc Coz They Mostly All Use Windows Os.

zonetrooper55860d ago

This sure as hell does sound much better than the Ipod but i have got a Creative Zen Sleek Photo which is better than Ipod, it was cheaper too.

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