Halo 2 The Best FPS On Any Console

If Halo 4 isn't like Halo 2 it will be the end Halo.

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buttclown2477d ago

Halo 3 didn't impress because it was too much like Halo 2. Reach was the true next gen Halo that Halo 3 should of been. Still with that being said, Halo multiplayer has grown very old because of the fact Halo 2 was the only Xbox Live game to play at the time and little kids have taken it over. Only reason to have and/or play Halo anymore is for the campaign.

ThichQuangDuck2477d ago

Halo 2 had better maps and weapon balancing than Halo 3 by a large margin. I want Halo 4 to have a classic fun feel in multiplayer again

kaveti66162477d ago

Halo 2 probably had the better MP, but Halo 3 had Guardian. That was probably the best map I've ever played in an MP game.

Halo Reach was, in comparison, not a very good game.

dark-hollow2477d ago

Though i loved halo reach very much but i hope the MP in halo 4 is more like halo2/3 and less like reach

Bob5702477d ago

Are you joking? Reach is complete crap when compared to any other Halo game in almost every possible way. Reach is ok, but for a Halo game, it pretty bad.

dedicatedtogamers2477d ago

Halo can only get better with time, due to the fact that a huge chunk of the fanbase has migrated over to Call of Duty. And that "huge chunk" is all of the kids. I hope the Halo devs can have the understanding and maturity to improve the series in light of this fact since it is mostly loyal fans who are still playing Halo, not the casual-shooter kids.

TopDudeMan2477d ago

What's wrong with kids? Are you judging an entire demographic based on what video game they play?

The more casual the player the better. Who wants to play against people who are good at a shooter?

Captain Qwark 92477d ago

i hate the whole "kid" sh*t too. i think its more a matter of grown ass men pissed they cant beat a 12 year old. everybody has to start somewhere we were all kids once too, hell if a kid can beat me, kudos to him, i haved prob 20 years gaming experience on him so thats impressive

Hicken2477d ago

It's more like their completely immature, regardless of age, and are thus subject to be called a "kid."

If they're 12 and they act 12, they're kids. If they're 30 and they act 12, they're still kids.

People are so hung up on the word itself that they forget it doesn't have to refer to an age group. It can also mean a mental state. And, unfortunately, far too many of even the "adult" gamers are in the mindframe of a child, if only when it comes to games.

Noticeably_FAT2477d ago

"If Halo 4 isn't like Halo 2 it will be the end Halo."

What a crock of crap, it's a planned new trilogy.

ThichQuangDuck2477d ago

He is more saying that if it goes in a completely separate direction than what was the most successful then it will not matter if they are making 5 and 6 because they will have alienated the fans.

ape0072477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

nope halo 1 was much better than halo 2 imo and secondly the greatest FPS of all time imo is Perfect Dark N64, maaaaan amazing, it even surpassed the unbeatable Goldeneye 007

that's my humble opinion

vortis2477d ago

Halo 1 was the best out of the whole series. The campaign is infectious and addictive. I didn't really like the campaign of Halo 2 that much and the only reason one would consider it the best is because of the multiplayer.

However, like you said, Halo 1 is still the better game in my opinion.

kaveti66162477d ago

I played Halo 1 after Halo 2 and I thought Halo 1 was crap in comparison.

In Halo 2 you can hijack ghosts, you can fly banshees, you can dual wield weaponry.

In Halo 1 you only played as the Master Chief.

In Halo 2 you play two characters in a dual-divergent story that comes together perfectly in the end, and probably the most creative FPS campaign I've played, and that includes Half Life 2. Really, not a single campaign has touched Halo 2's campaign in 7 years. And people think Resistance 3 actually has a good campaign.

Halo 2's MP was so popular that it remained the number one MP played on the Xbox 360 until Gears of War 3.

Halo 2 is much much much better than Halo 1. Halo 1 was Bungie's first foray and while good, is completely amateur in comparison to Halo 2.

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