Top 5 Xbox 360 exclusive shooters

Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform has seen the birth of several memorable franchises. One genre of series that has seen exclusive releases on the console is the shooter market. Msxbox-world takes a look at the top 5 Xbox 360 exclusive shooters that have seen a release so far.

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doctorstrange2476d ago

But it is one hell of a machine for shooters.

jazzking20012476d ago

Halo Reach is great fun - can't wait for Halo 4.

RaidensRising2476d ago

We need a new Perfect Dark game now. It surely can't be another launch game for a new console.

doctorstrange2476d ago


And Rare back to how they used to be.

tommy-cronin2476d ago

Halo Reach is a controversial choice but great game either way.

SixZeroFour2476d ago

its not a controversial choice, its a debatable one

Noticeably_FAT2476d ago

Gears 3 should be on that list, it's better overall, especially online then Gears 2.
Also, no Left 4 Dead love on the list is a bit disappointing, but I like all the games up on the list anyway.

2476d ago
Ducky2476d ago

L4D isn't a 360 exclusive though.

Ravenor2474d ago

While somewhat true, I can't purchase L4D for my PS3. PC is a neutral party, we're like the Swiss.

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The story is too old to be commented.