Denkiphile: Batman Arkham City Review

Denkiphile: "After creating a game that is heralded as game of the year, there must be a huge sense of satisfaction with all those involved. Soon after the champagne is gone and the confetti is cleaned up, everyone is left with the question: "What now?" How do the developers follow that up? How can they make a sequel that not only reaches the success of the prequel, but raises the bar to a new level? That was the challenge that Rocksteady Studios had in front of them after the glory that was Batman: Arkham Asylum. So as we start the new year, we take a look back to the best games of 2011 and check out Batman: Arkham City."

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ilovemyps32504d ago

So far, I played about 10 hours,and did 16% of the story mode.
I've been having a lot of fun.fighting enemies is great,trying to make perfect synched combos is great,you don't need boss fights,every small combat is a blast to do, you really feel your power,when hitting someone. It's just hard to explain,you need to try it to understand.its awesome.

I didn't buy arkham city when it was released,because I had spent my money on other games,a few days before.but I picked it one week ago,and I'm happy I did it.

So people,if you haven't bought this game yet,please do it,or add it to your 'buy list',you can be sure you will have 30-40-50 hours of fun,playing it.