OnLive iOS update at CES next week

OnLive will have several announcements at CES, it has been revealed.

When asked for an update on the iOS client for the cloud gaming service, UK general manager Bruce Grove said we can expect to hear more at the Las Vegas consumer show.

"Watch this space, some announcements coming out of CES next week," he said.

OnLive was expected to launch on iOS last month, but has seen an unspecified delay.

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SuperSaiyan42572d ago

I signed up for the Onlive service the other day its rather impressive however the quality of the games look as though I am playing on someone elses screen kinda like an off screen look however it was a trial but still.

Also I read a little while ago Microsoft was showing some interest in Onlive, could there be a colaboration of sorts? I guess we will have to wait and see :-)

ExPresident2572d ago

It isn't rather impressive. They are the exact opposite of what gamers need when it comes to purchasing digital content. That, and like you said, the games don't look good at all.

xer02572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Not a collaboration as such.

In recent months Sony and Microsoft have been looking to expand their cloud services.

I think we'll hear more at E3 in LA this summer.

But, as Kaz Hirai has already stated...
Hard Copies are here to stay, until most of the world have a decent internet connection.

Broadband reach in America is still a real problem. With most rural parts - having no connectivity at all.