OnLive is Attending CES on January 10-13 With Some “Announcements” and “Great Stuff”

The 2012 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 10-13 this year, meaning it is less than a week away.
While many people have been wondering if OnLive would have a booth at this year’s event, OnLive seemed uncertain about it until recently. However, just today OnLive’s General Manager in the UK, Bruce Grove informed us that they will be on hand at CES in Vegas.

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Ares84HU2573d ago

OnLive is the wrong direction to go. If you want a company to own your games and you never want to be in control of your games collection than OnLive is for you! It's like a gaming dictatorship....and some idiots actually support it. People amaze me.

GillHarrison2573d ago

I slightly agree, but playing hardcore games like LA Noire and Assasin's Creed on a tablet is pretty cool.

SandwichHammock2573d ago

Well said. The peculiar thing about onlive is that its getting its capital from somewhere, and that somewhere is investors that drool at the core idea of this, as you so well put it, gaming dictatorship.

SuperStrokey11232573d ago

It depends on the price, if its 20 bucks a month and I get all the games i want to play instantly and with next to no inital cost then its worth it. If they charge the same price as new then whats the point then?

Its the price that makes the difference. Currently im not a fan of their pricing structure but i am extremely interested in the technology for sure.

Ares84HU2573d ago

It's not $20/month and you don't get all the games you want to play. You still need to purchase games but all you are buying is a "right to play the game" you aren't getting ownership.

That's the whole problem. They are selling games like a retailer but they are never giving you ownership of that game like when you purchase a physical copy.

SuperStrokey11232573d ago

Nope for sure, im just saying that IF it was that way it would totally be worth like how netflix works.

Ares84HU2573d ago

Well if it was like netflix it would be nice but publishers would NEVER allow that.

Another bad thing about OnLive is it has contracts with publishers like UbiSoft and EA..etc. Now I'm sure you are aware of the contract between Netflix and Starz. It will expire this February because Netflix and Starz can't agree on a new contract so what happens now is that Starz pulling all it's shows and movies form Netflix. Now imagine if OnLive and UbiSoft didn't agree on a new contract and UbiSoft pulled all their games from OnLive servers and after you purchased those UbiSoft games, you can't play them anymore....what than??? Exactly!

That is just one of the many issues I have with OnLive.

soundslike2573d ago

you're forgetting rentals, its primary source of revenue.

Its gaming netflix, not a steam/console replacement.

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Matrix2k2573d ago

this site is starting to annoy me

tarbis2568d ago ShowReplies(1)
Garrison2573d ago

Onlive is quite amazing i would say. Judging from these comments here i can tell most of yall don't know jack about it thou.
Onlive is a combination of a great renta and ownership service.
You can buy a playpass and instant have access to play around 120 games all month long. No one can beat that sorry. Games have achievements too, and with the playpass you have acess to cool games like borderlands or batman.
You can actually watch other players play real time and try out any game for an hour for free. Or buy games at great discounted prices, I bought deus ex for a buck when i joined.

and btw all the bs issues you can come up with has far as lag is just that. BS
I play all the time on my wife's crappy laptop with no lag and a great experience.