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Could Rayman really be the best platforming game of this generation?
Read the review to find out.

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Tortilla3575d ago

Amazing game and definitely one of the best platformers for ages! Recommended!!!

d0nni33574d ago

Agreed! one of the best platformers of the gen a 10/10? maybe not but a brilliant game non the less

hellvaguy3574d ago

Im good with it as a 10/10 for that genre. I dont know what more people want to be comfortable with a 10/10 rating. Does it have to like pay you money every time you play to deserve a 10?

d0nni33573d ago

tired typing from me apparently missed the "maybe not a perfect 10 but" and no it doesn't have to "pay me money" but i just didn't think it was quite there for me

3574d ago