Tomb Raider preview [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "In TOMB RAIDER, Crystal Dynamics are aiming to restore Lara Croft to her former treasure-hunting throne. But with the likes of Nathan Drake on the scene, that will be no easy task…"

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thetest2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

So they've de-sexualised her...

Doesn't matter how big they are; only how tightly the vest sticks to them.

000000000000000000012505d ago

Nathan Drake doesn't hold a candle against Lara Croft. Looking forward to a good Tomb Raider game, not just another shooter!

LNDCalling2505d ago

Yeah.. I'm holding out hope for this one and personally I prefer the 'new' Lara! :P

LolololRumz2505d ago

Really can't wait for this game! :D One of my college tutors worked on the original Lara Croft so I'd love to hear her opinion on it

Ares84HU2505d ago

Well, I do not agree with anything I just read in this "preview".

First off, yes Tomb Raider did focus on puzzle solving....for as long as the game was on PS1. With Angel of Darkness the focus clearly was on shooting everything that moves and less on puzzles. The puzzles were so simple in later Tomb Raider games that a 5 year old could solve them.

The problem is that Crystal Dynamics think that the problem is that they were focusing on puzzles and less on character development. Well, that is a wrong view. What made Tomb Raider so great in the 90's??? That it was a great puzzle-solver platforming action/adventure game. Most of my memories with Tomb Raider (good memories) were about when I had to climb up really high and prayed that I don't fall down or miscalculate a jump or how much I had to think to solve some puzzles. That is how I remember Tomb Raider....the actual GAMEPLAY is what I remember.

Uncharted is great, I love Uncharted. I got Platinum trophy from all 3 Uncharted games but I felt that the last one was a bit shallow as far as gameplay goes. Yes, it had a nice story and a great character arch but I want to PLAY a game not watch it.

The problem with a lot of games today is that they try to focus on a story and the character and they forget about the gameplay. Some of my favorite games this gen do not feature a great story nor does it have a huge character arch. Games like Dark Souls does not have a story worth talking about and there is no character arch. Just Cause 2 is also one of my favorite games because of the fun gameplay it has. developers should realize that in a video game gameplay is #1 and story/character arch is #2.

Crystal Dynamics dropped the ball because their main focus was on shooting more and less puzzles solving and honestly.....their latest Tomb Raider stories are just shit. Tomb Raider has never really had a great story to be honest. I think they should stop trying to copy Uncharted and if they really want to reboot Tomb Raider than bring it back to it's roots. Give is a Tomb Raider game that is heavy on puzzles and has a lot of platforming. The latest Tomb Raider games were very easy as far as the platforming goes. I felt a bit that the controls were taken out of my hand because it didn't matter how I jumped every time I jumped to the right spot. Anything that came even close to being a good TR game lately was TR:Anniversary and that is just because it's a remake of the first one.

Now, I'm not against a good story nor am I against a good character arc....but to take a game that grew famous because of it's puzzle-solving and platforming and just turn it into this hollywood movie thing in my eyes is the worst possible direction to go.

I do not have any confidence in Crystal Dynamics seeing the latest trailers. It does look good but there is absolutely NOTHING that reminds me even remotely to Tomb Raider. Where is know....Tomb Raiding???