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Dan502476d ago

Online co op I hope :D

darthv722476d ago

the hd visuals should make it as fun if not more. So why hasn't sega released hd versions of the virtua cop games?

Or better yet....a brand new virtua cop for the hd generation?

TopDudeMan2476d ago

The amazing thing is, this is the first game that makes me want a playstation move.

Rainstorm812476d ago

Really?? but there is already a House of the Dead on ps3 ....Overkill Extended Cut

TopDudeMan2476d ago

Well, that's the first I've heard of it.

SandwichHammock2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

@TopDudeMan ¬_¬ orly?

Just to let anyone interested in Overkill for the PS3 know, its actually apparently discontinued. After the holidays I went to 6+ EBGame stores to try and track one down. Definitely worth the 39.99, let alone the 19.99 sale price I paid.
I can totally understand how somebody can not "get" this game. In individual "parts" its laughingly bad, but the sum of its parts...pure genius.

GamersXTREME2476d ago

A welcome addition to the PS Move library. However, SEGA should also seriously consider bringing House of the Dead 4 to the PS3 considering it never got a console release.

darthv722476d ago

overkill was #4 but a new HotD game is always welcomed. I want virtua cop remade or a new one would be nice too.

GamersXTREME2475d ago

Oh wow, can't believe I missed that. Thanks for the heads up!

Overkill was actually just a standalone title in the franchise, but a mostly well received one at that. A Virtua Cop remake or new installment would be pretty awesome!

from the beach2476d ago

Nice one Sega.

It makes so much sense to bring modern arcade gun games to Move, hopefully we'll see that happen more this year.

Information Minister2476d ago

Agreed. And not just bringing lightgun games to the Move, Sega could dominate the digital distribution market with their arcade pedigree. The pick-up-and-play style of arcade games coupled with an affordable price tag is just perfect for PSN/XBLA. I'm still waiting for Daytona USA 2 and Virtua Striker 4.

What makes no sense is why House of the Dead is a PS3 exclusive and Guardian Heroes a 360 exclusive. I'm telling you, someone at SEGA doesn't like making money or is intentionally sabotaging the company.

darthv722475d ago

sega could easily release track and car packs for daytona to effectively make the complete daytona experience. I'd like to see that.

Same with thunder blade and galaxy force remakes in HD like they did outrun and after burner.

pucpop2476d ago

HOTD 4 is due Spring. about March. I will get Move just for that!