This Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Overhaul Looks Awesome

"Talk about recreating a nine year old classic! Morrowind might arguably be the best game in the the long running Elder Scrolls franchise but the modders and the extremely loyal fan base have kept it alive with continuous updates to the game's visuals and textures."

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SP3333D-O2479d ago

Is this really something to Shout about? :) Seriously, Morrowind sounds tempting, but I fear it would be hard for it to impress after Skyrim.

MagicAccent2479d ago

You don't know what you're missing.

Skyrims good, but it's not Morrowind..

MizTv2479d ago

got tes 3 the other day on steam for $10 i have to dl some mods soon. played it so long ago and i had it for xbox and it looked like hell

persistentlobster2479d ago

Do any of you know if there are any combat mods for this? It used to be my favorite game but I can't seem to get back into it because of the bizarre fighting system.