Modern Warfare 3 DLC: eight things we want

OXM UK: "What would you pay 1200 MP for?"

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FlareDReborn2481d ago

Why cant they add some new guns to the DLC.

lorianguy2481d ago

I actually want the older maps in the DLC.

I know people hate recycling, but the MW3 maps are awful compared to the classics of MW and MW2.

I'd especially like highrise and terminal :P

antz11042480d ago

I heard the second DLC is going to be a favorites pack from MW2 and BLOPS.

Hey its a step in the right direction. LOL, I'll be honest, I like NukeTown.

saoco2481d ago

give me some open maps and some small ones without so many alleys.

lorianguy2481d ago

That's a gripe I have. Too many buildings and alleyways render the AC-130 and Osprey Gunner less effective than they should be. I seem to be relying almost entirely on splash damage.

Auld2481d ago

More SpecOps missions. I would gladly pay for more missions, don't care so much for the rest as its too broken for me to want to spend more money on. SpecOps with a friend can be tons of fun. Just my $.02

ardivt2480d ago

yeah the game needs much more spec ops maps. imho spec ops is the reason to buy this game. I if want good multiplayermatches I play bf3. but if I want superb splitscreen there's no way around mw3

Hogarth2481d ago

I'd rather pull my teeth our with a bolt cropper, than pay for overpriced DLC for the small boys toy shooter

antz11042480d ago

But you cared enough to comment, huh?

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