2011's total UK videogame/hardware sales amounted £2.520 billion

IncGamers: 360 and 3DS software sales led the charge.

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Chaostar2483d ago


Yet the British government STILL won't offer tax breaks to developers smh.

slavish2483d ago

360 has been big in Europe people always act otherwise.

LightofDarkness2483d ago

It's big in the UK and Ireland, the other countries seem to be more favoured towards the PS3 (but the UK market is definitely the largest in Europe).

iamironman2483d ago

there were a lot of good and high selling games late in the year. not surprised that half of all sales happened late on

TopDudeMan2483d ago

Is that a lot? Well, I know it's a lot, but how does that compare to what they were expecting?

iamironman2483d ago

the article says it's 13% lower than last year

TopDudeMan2483d ago

You'd think it'd be better with all the awesome games that came out last year.