Top 5 PlayStation Vita Family Features

Why PS Vita is better for families than the 3DS or WiiU combined. Andy Robertson writes: "As the sales figures for the PS Vita launch in Japan start to emerge and many question their health, it’s good to remember the times we are living in. No, I’m not talking about the tough economics of recession but rather the brave new opportunities of untapped markets."

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KevPC2477d ago

I agree with the article :)

jacen1002477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

the wiiU isent even out yet when it does arrive it will sit better in the living room and entertain the family more than a vita will, vita is for on the move geeks that cannot do without gaming who wanna play games like uncharted and little big planet and then go home to there ps3 and guess what, play uncharted and little big planet lmao

Ck1x2477d ago

Why is this even under the Wii u segment of this site

matey2477d ago

Vita has inferior camera in every sense,inferior games,plus no 3d so inferior video playbk

KevPC2476d ago

you guys r making assumptions about a device u don't own yet...