DaysideTV Releases Music Video For Gamers Who Are Tired Of Those Who Take Games Too Seriously

Dayside Productions: "I wanted to do a song about winning against a dude who takes video game too seriously. You know, the dude that things he’s the shit when he wins and starts trash talking with phrases like “Noob” and “Pwned.” This annoys the hell out of me. Hence, the concept for the music video. I got Lawrence Page to help me write the hook of the song, and it was very catchy. We got the green light and had Triangle Offense write the verses, and boy, they wrote it."

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FunkMacNasty2481d ago

If you don't take videogames seriously, then you're not a "gamer" ;-)

Sev2481d ago

I wanted to like this. And the Mileen and Kitana got me to click. But this was lame. Great production value. Song sucked.

DFresh2481d ago

I thought this video was well done.
Good job!

Mottsy2481d ago

proposing out of a poke