Is the Rumored 3DS Lite Missing the Most Important Addition?

The latest rumors report that Nintendo has three aims with the enhanced 3DS Lite:
1) Quicker menu screens
2) Improved Battery Life
3) Slimmer model

But if the rumors are true, aren't they missing the most important function: A Second Circle Pad. No one wants to be lugging around a clunky Circle Pad Pro wherever they go, so it's imperative that Nintendo include it as part of any new 3DS model.

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Stuart57562478d ago

Wasn't the 3DS Missing the Most Important Addition?

Menashe2478d ago

Yes, but the whole point of the "3DS Lite" would be to improve on the original. So, if they don't get it right the second time, consumers will be upset.

LoaMcLoa2478d ago

Keep in mind that Circle Pad Pro also comes with two additional triggers.

So I doubt it'll be built-in with a Lite-version

dark-hollow2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Actually the consumers will be more pissed off they includid the circle pad in the lite version.

Thats will divide the userbase and it just too late for such things.
The lite version will probably add features thats doesnt effect gameplay in anyway. (Sure the dsi have a lot of stuff for it exclusivly, but it played the games like any ds variation. Besides some special dsi games but they are very few)

Imo the 3ds is doing fine without it.

darthv722478d ago

that is usually an excuse often given when an improvement is pending but those who have the previous model would feel left out.

Like how when the PSP 2000 had double the memory and video out of the 1000. Many said that would divide the user base as more efforts would be placed on using the added memory and improved performance. It did but overwhelmingly there have been a greater number of PSP 2000 and 3000 sold to surpass that 1000 user base.

What of the 360 having HDMI or included wifi. These are afterthoughts that once in place become second nature. If it meant i had to buy a newer 3DS to have those features included then i would. I have done it for the original DS to DSlite and subsequent DSi.

But that is me. I like buying new stuff and giving my old stuff to the kids. When I got the PSP 2000 I gave them the 1000. Same with the ds/lite when I got the DSi. They dont call them hand me downs for nothing.

mcstorm2478d ago

I dont think nintendo need to add the 2nd stick to he 3ds i think they should keep it on its own or sell a 3ds with out and with as it is only needed for some games and not all. But i dont care as i ordered res from zavvi for £29 and it comes with the extra pad so that will do me.

The Great Melon2477d ago


The improvements you talk about aren't part of the core mechanics that are required of the console or handheld. As an owner of only psp-1000, having less memory never prevented me from enjoying a game. Likewise hdmi or wifi on the xbox 360 gave alternate options for the existing features of network play and video output.

However, adding an additional control method such as a second analog will prevent existing users from playing future games. I would be quite angry if I bought a 3DS only to find out that I can't play 3DS games because I don't have an extra circle pad.

NiKK_4192477d ago

They could do this. All they have to do is keep selling the add-on for the original 3DS so that they won't be forced to buy the 3DS Lite to play certain games. Whatever, it's not like it matters. There won't be many games that support it anyway. I don't see them adding a second circle pad or should buttons on the 3DS Lite. I don't think that will ever happen. You're just gonna be waiting for the next Nintendo handheld for that. They really should have thought of including this in the 3DS to begin with.

darthv722477d ago

your point is well taken so I will add a counter that maybe will make as much sense.

PS1 did NOT originate with the dual shock controller. It was an after thought and as such people who did not have it were unable to play the games designed for it.

Sony changed the packaging of the PS1 to make it a standard pack in and so new customers were getting and more and more units sold lead to more development to the use of the twin sticks. I have an original PS1 without the DS but did pick up the DS when a game required it.

The release of the circle pad for existing 3ds owners is simply the same logic. If they revise the hardware to include the pad by default then more need will be created to use it thus existing users will pick it up (just like they did with the DS) and new customers will have it by default.

Also, I have run into a few newer psp games that clearly suffer do to lower performance on the 1000 as compared to the 2000 so if you do yourself a favor and get either a 2000 or 3000 you will notice a difference.

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Matrix2k2478d ago

funny how we are treating rumors like fact

ronin4life2477d ago

If this is the rumor from Nikkei trendy, then it isn't even a rumor. It was all just writer speculation.

Hicken2477d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

"Wait, if it's just a rumor, then how do they know what IS and ISN'T missing?"

GraveLord2478d ago

If they release a 3DS Lite w/ second analog stick I will seriously consider buying one.

Ulf2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

They won't add a 2nd circle pad, because 3rd party devs won't use it, because they don't want to alienate millions of existing 3DS owners.

Same reason the PSP never did it, with its minor revisions. Also the same reason no DS game uses 16MB of memory, despite the fact that the extremely popular DSi has that much, etc. Same reason Wii games largely don't require WMP, and the same reason that no ex-post-facto peripheral has ever really taken off, including Kinect.

Plain and simple -- if you exclude a significant portion of the console owners from buying your game, by requiring that they own the new version (or an add-on), you are shooting yourself in the foot. 3rd parties like their feet as-is, and without their support... won't happen.

You gotta build it right the FIRST time.

Capt-FuzzyPants2478d ago

I think some of the games using the circle pad are optional. Yoou can play with the just the one but it is recomended to play with the second. That's what I would think if I wanted to make money. I'm sure some games will have it mandatory though.

ThirstyforFanta2478d ago

The second circle pad is just a passing fad..
Every company will make like two games that support it and then they'll drop it..
The 3DS after all has a touch screen unlike the original PSP that you can use to control the camera.. So a second analog stick is not really needed

adorie2477d ago

try playing fps via touch controls. heck, try playing a game like Super Mario Bros. 3, speedily, on a more responsive touch display than a 3DS... there is a reason why the Vita has a 2nd analog... more games/genres. 3DS should have had a 2nd analog day 1, but what can you do? it's Nintendo. Screw their add-on, I'll just play on it normally, as I have been.

ThirstyforFanta2477d ago

You do realize you're not even talking about what I am talking right?
I'm not saying control the entire game using the touch screen.. Just use it to aim/move the camera around.. Just like in FPS games on the original DS

cpayne932477d ago

The fps games on the ds controlled quite well due to the touch pad, it's pretty accurate. However, playing a game like MH where you have to stick your thumb to the touch screen can be kind of annoying. You need the other stick for camera control. They should have included one from the start. If this revision does have another stick, I will buy it ASAP. Otherwise, I'm not sure. I'd still buy it eventually.

ThirstyforFanta2477d ago

True but since there aren't many games like MH on the 3DS, I don't think it's necessary to alienate the fanbase..
If you want to play games like MH just get the circle pad. That's what they're basically saying

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