How to Switch PSN Accounts on PlayStation Vita

IGN: It is possible to use two different PlayStation Network accounts on the Vita. Let us walk you through it.

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tiffac0082482d ago

I know we've seen articles that tell us how to do memory swapping and PSN deactivate/activation accounts on the PS Vita but I think this video from IGN is much more clearer and easier to understand.

It also shows that even though it is a hassle to do the account swapping thing, its not that of a big deal that we all actually thought it was.

So I hope this clears a lot of things to gamers who wants to have more than one PSN account on the PS Vita.

knifefight2481d ago

You need multiple memory cards though, it should be noted. The PSN account ties itself to both the system and the card.

When I reset my system to change PSN account, I put my mem card back in and it said "This Memory card is bound to PSN account suchandsuch. To use it with another PSN account, you must clear all data. Proceed?"

GirlyGamer2481d ago

did you deactivate the psn account first? i read that if you don't deactivate it first it gets tied to the card. Deactivate it from the device not from the store, and then use content manager.

nevin12481d ago

This is probably one of the reason why Vita is off to a slow start.