PlayStation 4 Vs PS3 XMB: Future interface ideas

If you ask PS3 owners what their opinions are on Sony’s XMB interface which continues to welcome PS3 users every time they switch on their system, most will probably agree that the interface could do with a long overdue makeover.

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Huwmor2480d ago

To be honest, I'd be happy if the next playstation UI streamed friends list items/in-game xmb much faster (preferably almost instantaneous) and for it to be possible to arrange content in grid form as when you accumulate enough games (around 20+), it becomes arduous scrolling up and down a massive list. Same applies for movies. These don't seem like incredibly difficult things to do(the in-game xmb thing is probably be tougher than it seems) but then again, I'm no super genius sony programmer smart person /s

rabidpancakeburglar2480d ago

I agree they could change it up a little to take up all the scrolling and they should also expand the in game xmb to make sure that you don't have to leave the game to do most things. Plus they should give it racing stripes to make it go faster :)

JoGam2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

The XMB at its current state is great. Its fast to navigate. Now when you are playing a game and try to use the XMB things get weird. They need to fix that problem for the PS4. I wouldnd mind a revamp XMB, but try not to change to much.

tr00p3r2480d ago

I wouldnt say it's great. It's satisfactory at best.. there's a lot of room for improvement, with the browser probably top of the list.

evilunklebud2480d ago

It is pretty good, if not great.

I'd like to see a refresh too.

THC CELL2480d ago

i cant see whats wrong with the xmb its a lot faster than the other consoles..

Fishy Fingers2480d ago

Scrap the XMB, I was a big fan of it back in the day. It's simplicity and its overall design was really nothing sort of a benchmark for UI's. Bit now, its tired, slow and has become almost cluttered through it's "add ons".

I'm no designer so I wont pretend I could do better, but their are nicer, more interesting/social (basically better suited to such a device) UI's out there. Certainly room for improvement going forward.

SpecialK2480d ago

Im suprised there hasnt been a major overhaul yet to be honest.

My biggest complaint is how slow the xmb loads during games. Sometimes I want to send someone a message part way through skyrim and the time it takes to load is incredible. And most the of the loaded icons are not even needed.

They should have something like the 360 where a smaller box appears just with mic settings, music settings and psn messaging. That's all I want in a game. Itd load faster too and probably be less intensive.

redDevil872480d ago

The problem is that there isn't enough memory for an overhaul, i don't think.

When the PS3 was made online gaming and social gaming were completely not thought of, therefor no extra memory or ideas were put into it. The XMB was just a standard XMB.

When Sony realised how important online gaming was they then began to add new things e.g. in game xmb, accessing messages in game. Unfortunately i think they may have reached the maximum they can, whenever you open the XMB in game theres sometimes slowdown showing the lack of power for multi-tasking.

They also won't change the interface so as its a uniform interface for other Sony products.

SpecialK2479d ago

Yeah I did think one reason was probably because the xmb is used in their media players and other products too so it makes some sense to keep things uniform.

But yeah Im guessing they just didn't foresee changes being needed and so they left no resources available for such things.

CynicalVision2480d ago

In regards to the next PlayStation, I hope Sony brings out a new style of XMB, I've seen a lot of amazing concept work from people and I'm sure Sony could do better.

In regards to the PS3...if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sure it could use some minor improvements but the PS3 was released over 5 years ago now, completely changing the XMB seems like a waste of time at this point.

kreate2479d ago

Yea. It also runs the risk of something going wrong upon release to the mass ps3 owners.

MakiManPR2479d ago

Look at the 360. It has changed UI like 3 times now.