Alan Wake PC; Hidden HUD and checkpoint saving system confirmed

DSOGaming writes: "Alan Wake PC is slated for a Q1 2012 release and as a result of that, more and more details are hitting the web. So, this past week, Remedy’s Markus confirmed that there will be an option to hide – entirely – your HUD, while the game’s save system will remain the same with the X360′s version, meaning that you’ll rely on checkpoints and that you won’t be able to free save anywhere you want."

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Jacobite2568d ago

I prefer to save when I want to not depending on checkpoints, I like quick save option only because I dont have the time to spend playing with one thing or another.Plus theirs nothing worse than hitting a checkpoint with low health and ammo lol Skyrim has it perfect auto save,quick save and save it anytime at a preferred Quest now thats choice.

Stuart57562568d ago

Agreed, this is a mistake, then again so is releasing Alan Wake on PC sooooooo long after 360. Thanks Microsoft.

Megaton2568d ago

I'm just glad they're self-publishing and using Steamworks, so Microsoft can't ruin the game with GFWL.