Silent Hill 'better at horror than other media' - Amnesia dev

Amnesia: The Dark Descent designer Thomas Grip says Silent Hill marked the first time a videogame beat literature and film at an established genre.

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gillri2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Silent Hill 2.............still best horror game since the year 2001

No horror game can match the atmosphere, pshycological torment of SH2 couple that with such an emotional drive to the game and you have in my and many other people's opinions the best horror game ever .

We can only hope and pray that SH: Downpour is a return to form but im not holding my breath

gillri2532d ago

oh yeah loved Amnesia too, Frictional games is it? keep em coming

there is a distinct lack of good out and out horror games out these days so im glad those Swedes have filled a gap in the market

BuLLDoG9092532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

silenthill one is the best horror game ever, followed closely by SH2... they should do a complete remake of SH1 with this gen tech..

going back playing it now it really shows its age, but in its day when them graphics were amazing back on the ps1, it shined like no other survival horror, even part 2

both games are a great example of just how important the soundtrack/backround music is in a game, in SH1,2 its 50% of the experience

HarryMasonHerpderp2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

agree with this except the remake would be
a disaster unless it was done by the original developers.
I still play the original 1-4 silent hills all the time and they are still masterpieces!
The symbolism,graphics (except for 1),music and art direction still hold up against anything released today.

BuLLDoG9092531d ago

thats true, only the original team would do it justice..,
maybe its best left in the past really... even a remake probably wouldnt top the fond memorys alot of people have of the first.

CrawFail2531d ago

I agree with everything except the remake part. I fucking LOVE Silent Hill but it's about time they but it to sleep unfortunately.
The charm of the first game are its faults (fog due to tech restrictions etc). It all went downhill for me when the Japanese relinquished development to other teams. The Japanese do horror like no one else.

PCgamer4ever2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Also check Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1 coming October for PC and 2013 on PS3

Unlimax2532d ago

Not more than Fatal Frame series .. but i agree with him !

Red_eyes_Gremlin2532d ago

Silent Hill 1+2 Were the best Imoh - then it just went down in the drain with silent hill 3 - and dont make me start about sh4 the room and the last part in the series that was just ....sad.

Imoh if they want to make a silent hill like sh 2 but still keep the "new" feeling, Do it Amnesia Style.

And i dont think about changing the city or the mist to a closed building - i am thinking about the feeling you get in amnesia.

That feeling that something can be right around the corner - behind that cloosed door. Make the silent hill monsters be able to find YOU. And not that you find THEM.

Make them kick in doors, make them walk around in the city, that way: For an example:

You have to go into a hotel, problem is that its "4 things" outside. So now you have to choices, 1. Kill em . 2 sneak by.

Just remember tho, that if you kill them , the sound will draw more monsters, and even that you are in the hotel they will still understand and kick in the door and follow you.

That is, when you are inside the hotel, running around finding stuff, there is at the same time monsters coming in thrue the door @ the ground level. So now you need to find a new way out, or maybe go thrue them? But they are to many no?

What i want to come to: is that Silent hill have never (except) SH 2 - ( with the triangle head) made you feel hunted. It does an AMAZING work to make you feel "cut off" from what ever the rest of the world is doing, but never hunted.

And that is that i think silent hill shuld go after if they want to keep the silent hill feeling but still put in more scare. Make the monsters hunt you down if you are not silent.

Even when you go to a woman in a building to talk , the story can be interupted with that monsters finding you and try to get it, so now a new mission start: Either take the woman to a safe haven so you can talk, maybe bar the doors and get you time to get out, or maybe kill em all? But its two you need to defend , you and the woman and the monsters are smart now:

They all dont attack you , they attack the woman to.
But together with the good ai, the woman are like playing cat and mouse with them. (if you get what i mean with that).

THAT is how I think a new silent hill shuld be.

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