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Uncharted 3 delivers a compelling story and backs it with great gameplay and some of the best graphics .

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Spydiggity2574d ago

If you are going to do a review that just maintains the sad status quo, just don't bother. Nobody cares that you think the exact same thing that the mainstream did 2 months ago. your review is completely pointless.

Redempteur2574d ago

they have the right to have an opinion , regardless of how long it was since release . it's called a "fresh look".

SoapShoes2574d ago

Oh yeah but it isn't a status quo. You are the reason journalism is so piss poor now days. You want exciting new revelations, even if they are completely untrue. Most people share this view, however, so you're SOL!

Monkeyboy2572d ago

So every game should only be reviewed by one site?

pyramid2570d ago

more like 8.5 not 9.5.Doesnt deserve more