Gamefly Solves It's Own Crisis - A New Feature Called FastReturn

Gamefly the renowned service for video game rentals online has begun a new and improved service procedure that allows for customers to receive their games in improved times faster then ever before.

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ScubaSteve12531d ago

how about you open more distribution centers instead

FrightfulActions2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I have to mention this, as someone who was a customer of Gamefly for years, I really don't see anything 'new' about this feature. For as long as I had Gamefly, the service was always lacking. If you wanted a game, really wanted it, you had to make sure it was the only game on your list or else they'll surely send you whatever you had added on on the bottom of the list as a "meh I'll give it a shot" game instead of that "huzzah!" game that you can't wait to play that has been comfortably sitting on top of your list for a week.

Even then, it takes them days to actually ship the game out to you and longer still to arrive. I played through a ton of games, and I'm sure in the end I saved money by renting instead of just buying, no doubt, but still their service wasn't that great.

That being said I did SOMETIMES see something in the queue called 'FastReturn!' and get emails saying a game was shipped out to with FastReturn. The point is, unless Im remembering the wrong word for it, I'm pretty sure Gamefly already had FastReturn. It only 'worked' for say every 1-8 games shipped, but they had it. The fact that I had horrible shipping time can't even be forgiven for the distribution centers so much either, since I wasn't more than single state away from it.

I'm just hoping Netflix carries out those plans of game rentals they mentioned once. Netflix was one of the few services I found to actually be honest in their advertising - next day shipping was incredible. If they'd offer game rentals with the same stability and efficiency as they do with dvds, Gamefly would be run out of business.
/end rant

Systematrix2531d ago

Yes they used to do this, it was called FastShip I believe. Hope FastReturn is better.

FunAndGun2530d ago

You are right. It was FastReturn and it barely ever worked when I had Gamefly in the past.

The turn around times are waaaaay too slow, that is the reason I canceled my subscription as well.

maawdawg2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

FastReturn has always been a part of Gamefly, it isn't a new feature at all. It is triggered by your game scanning through a machine at the post office but if your game never goes through an office that has a scanner to mark it your FastReturn will never activate. In 3 years of gamefly I have had less than 5 instances of FastReturn and I have played as many as 54 games in a single year through them and about 140 overall.

I actually called them to see what it was early on when one of my games listed as FastReturn in the first few months, I also asked how to make it happen more often and was told "there really isn't a way it is completely dependent on USPS handling your game a certain way." I went to a couple post offices after that to get info and they had no idea what I was talking about so it basically boils down to luck or living in an area where your mail goes through the correct location.

Maybe it is happening more now, I noticed it a few times recently but until it was a feature that happened every time you can't rely on it to improve their, at times, unexplainably slow shipping. They did add a 5th shipping center a while back (Seattle I think) and that has trickled down to reduce demand on their shipping centers. They really need another handful though. Netflix shipping works so well because they have TONS of shipping centers.

Faztkiller2531d ago

Its not a new feature if been in place for a while but rarely works Ive never have a problem with gamefly anyway I keep my Q full of stuff coming soon and make sure I have an open slot on the day before release say the game like most release on Tues gamefly will ship the game Monday and I'll receive it on Wed some with returns take 2-3 days for me

TheBrit2531d ago

Agreed - FastReturn is not new at all and in over 3 years I have had maybe 2 - 3 tops and my stuff goes out via the same mail box every time - it still takes 3-5 days for them to show received and tats from Chicago to Pittsburgh which is total crap as I have mailed birthday cards from Chicago to England many times and they have gotten there faster.

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