PS3 Lacking 'Consumer Excitement' says Analyst

PS3 and the PlayStation business had an interesting 2011, as Sony dealt with a massive PlayStation Network hack, and the PS3 console was consistently outsold in the US by Microsoft's Xbox 360. Now in 2012, not only does Sony need PS3 to pick up the pace against 360, but Sony also is trying to launch the Vita portable in a tough market. Part of the problem, if you ask DFC Intelligence's David Cole, is that the PlayStation brand overall has lost some of its luster.

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Sinner101GR2478d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5, Killzone 4 and a good SOCOM would change that.

rabidpancakeburglar2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Take away the last two and you may be right, the latest games in those series didn't exactly garner excitement. There was a lot of hype around Killzone but most enjoyed 2 better after the tried it.

Dante1122477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I think the game The Last of Us has gamers excited. Got ALOT of buzz here and still has a few good discussions about it on sites/forums going strong. I'm personally looking forward to the US release of Ni No Kuni.

Edit: @ Cato

Lol, If you're a Ps3 owner you should be use to it by now. *bookmarks this article for the Q4 report*

Laypoof2477d ago

It sure has me excited, idk about the rest you ;)

morganfell2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I find it amusing how the writer just publicly defined his personality for all the world to see.

If you are a marketing victim, caught in the sway of flash in the pan commercials unable to decide for yourself what constitutes true value then I am sure you lack excitement for the PS3.

But when you concentrate on the IPs rather than TV ads, and focus where Sony spends their money it is rather easy to become excite for a company that places games first.

TBM2477d ago

Actually im quite excited about the next killzone game since i really like the franchise. also as a person who's been gaming close to 30 yrs i can say with 100% surety that i don't need gaming media, or commercial advertising to get me excited about the ps3 and the games coming to it.

its the same way i didn't need them to be excited about zelda and gears. Microsoft constant commercial bombardment of kinect keeps furthering my discontent with them and crappy casual games. i know theirs a place for them but just not with me.

I've said from day one if you've been gaming for years you should be a knowledgeable gamer by now, and should know what games excite you and which games do not.

kneon2477d ago


The problem is that the average consumer is a dimwit marketing victim. They believe the hype if they hear it often enough, no matter how far fetched it might be.

darthv722477d ago

That may be true from a general consumer perspective but from a gamers perspective there is plenty of excitement.

I will give my objective opinion as to the situation. Upon first release the PS3 did suffer from a bit of an identity issue. Bluray was new and so the initial sales were thought to be that of consumer wanting a cheaper bluray player than the likes of LG and even sony's other models.

The games aspect was questioned due to the quality of the games not being to distinguishable from that of 360 games at the time. Games got better but there was still somewhat of a stigma towards the platform. I believe it was price but sony was quick to remedy that. It helped but then the buyer spark for bluray players shifted away from the PS3 when cheaper dedicated players were available.

So that meant sony had to rely on the gamer crowd. The amount of marketing sony put into it was very low as compared to that of even the wii. Almost like they were hopping it would sell itself because it was the next "Playstation". Brand popularity was high due to the PS2 and so it was an obvious assumption it would carry over for the PS3.

When it didnt do as expected then they had to find new ways to market the system. We all knew it played movies and games and so the new angle was all of the other media functions it offered out of the box. MS knew to remain relevant they had to use their marketing power to 1up the competition.

I don't know for sure how the marketing worked outside the US but in the states I saw far more advertisements that were 360 related than PS3. The angle of the do everything box has waned because now tv's and bluray players and phones and tablets are all able to do similar to what the PS3 does when it comes to media functions.

Except for bluray movies and games, the ps3 has been overshadowed by almost everything. I used to think one of the simplest ways to market would be right on bluray movies themselves. I used to see stickers saying "Plays on Playstation 3" now I dont see them as much.

The wii hype has died down and MS is touting the kinect and 360 and its new features all the while sony is thinking of what they could do next to put the PS brand back at the top where it reigned for the last two generations. I dont know what new angles sony can try but I know they arent completely out of ideas.

Why o why2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )


that would be games. the ps is still the best media device in most regions baring Europe maybe. the 360 has sky player in Europe which is a great addition but the ps3 had everything else from blu ray to iplayer to 3D etc. from my perspective and looking at the past go gens sonys main focus is the games. you mentioned the lack of differentiation between the 360 and ps3 at launch and but that has been flipped. ms are more focused on nintendos fans than the ones they captured when they were all about getting marketshare from Sony. Sony has always dabbled in both segments but they will always have more adult or core games in the pipeline through design not accident because they built and acquired studios for that purpose.

yep they made a move toward nintendos crowd with the move controller. whether it was in development longer or not isn't important as nintendo made it their main squeeze not an add on and perceptions were pretty much me too about the device. it works well for most of the core games its integrated into. I would like to know just how many people are using it for core online mp games but I digress sonys identity is the same just more grow. they were accused of using the ps3 as a trojan horse when from the get go they always wanted it to be a media hub but people hated on Sony for even thinking they should be forward a couple years and guess what a media hub is now netflix cool... strange that. you can also look at the lineups over the past few years. Sony may not care about my life any more than the other two but they make me far more excited about what's coming than the other manufacturers because they do care about my gaming wants and needs more than the rest. each to their own of course. if kinect is your thing then you're probably in heaven... isn't it a little disconcerting that the company that everybody screams is doing so well doesn't can't consistently musta up comparable line ups year after year. am I a b*s*ard for wanting more from them especially when their, now silent, spokespeople used to scream about their exclusive games and services making it the console to own.....where is that dude.

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r1sh122477d ago

You are looking at it from a hardcore gaming perspective. Realistically those games are not as highly advertised as they should be. I mean I would say uncharted has been, but the rest probably wont.
For the majority of potential buyers, the main factors are likely to be who they can play with.
If all my friends have one console Im more likely going to buy it.
This all boils down to the same point, Sony are not good at marketing products, they had an amazing library of 2011 released when compared to others, and yet they didnt significantly outsell competitors.
For the average consumer exclusives are not a big factor.

Campy da Camper2477d ago

I have quite a bit of excitement and I am a consumer. What pace needs picking up? For crying out loud, I can barely burn though all the games that I have for my PS3. Starting with Infamous 2 last year I literally have not had one day where I didn't have a fun game to play.

trenso12477d ago

if killzone 4 is more like killzone 2 than the garbage that was killzone 3 then yes. MGS5 i would like to see as well.

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Catoplepas2477d ago

Another negative article. Well colour me surprised.

Hits over integrity I guess.

Arnagrim2477d ago

If Sony spent half of what Microsoft and Nintendo do on marketing they would have much better selling as well as more hyped up exclusives and likely more hardware sales.
Want to know where a good amount of sales for things like Gears of War and the 3DS come from? Because when they're coming out you literally see a commercial for it every other ad on TV. When Battlefield 3 was coming out the commercials were on ALL.THE.TIME. to the point where adolescents and other consumers who could care less about a gaming magazine or site; and whose only exposure to game releases broadcast by the media are hammered with the idea of, "This game is going to be amazing and I should buy it because I'm ignorant to other less publicized games."
Maybe it's just in the U.S. where I live, but I'll see a handful of Playstation commercials a day compared to those of the other systems. If Sony wants their stuff to sell better they need to start shoving it in peoples' faces to get their attention.

PixL2477d ago

There are plenty of PS3 ads here in Europe. Even some multiplatform titles are advertised just with PS3. On the other hand, the only X360 ads I've seen on TV were Kinect-related.

Arnagrim2477d ago

Thanks for clearing that up, here across the pond we get nothing for PS3 ads.

trenso12477d ago

yea they even had the battlefield ads on billboards going into train stations and in time square and other popular parts of Manhattan.

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CRASHBASHUK2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

a few weeks ago i heard ps3 is close to 360 in world sales because ps3 cut the price in aug
so not sure how its failing?

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