Diablo 15th Anniversary: Diablo III Almost Done

Blizzard Entertainment released an amazing 15th Anniversary of Diablo retrospective video, and two video interviews with Diablo III Jay Wilson, and Chris Metzen.

The highlight of the video is to see Jay Wilson smile as he reveals Diablo III is almost done.

"We are almost done with Diablo III, and that’s a fitting celebration of the 15th year anniversary for Diablo", said Jay Wilson.

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SolidGear32482d ago

Hooray! Now bring on the PS3 version!

KeiserSosay47882482d ago

Even though I pretty much ONLY play on PC, after playing the beta for over a month; I don't see why it couldn't be done on console. Everything would work fine, including controls. Things would probably have to be simplified for using skills in battle on a controller though and there probably won't be an auction house AT ALL.

Medievaldragon2481d ago

Recently, a representative used a term that made me smile. Seems they are targeting the release date to be early 2012.