Square Enix Releases PS Vita: Army Corps Of Hell GamePlay Video

Square Enix has released a new video for a game on the PS Vita called Army Corps of Hell. In Army Corps of Hell, players take on the role of an arch-demon (Satan) in control of an army of goblins.

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OMEGAZONE3419d ago

This looks interesting! I hope it comes to Europe!

MasterCornholio3418d ago

Reminds me of pikmen which isn't a bad thing.


Razongunz3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago ) looks shit, i love the main character but those damn goblins ruins the whole gameplay for me.

looks retarded sorry but yeah i'm a hater of this hurts looking at it..

if they just removed the goblins i would play this as an actual action game where u battle with that demon instead of those idiotic goblins..

if they removed the goblins this would be a day one for me..but goblins it will be a day never for me..

and yes..i'm not a fan of pikmen..