Ravaged Announced, Post-Apocalyptic Co-Op FPS

Gaming Blend "If you've been craving for more games on the line of Borderlands or Fallen Earth then you might enjoy the upcoming title from indie studio 2 Dawn Games. This isn't just some big ambitious, aimless project though, all the guys working on Ravaged are industry vets, with titles like Battlefield and Frontlines: Fuel of War stapled to their names."

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Kran2479d ago

Another FPS? In post apocalyptic world? Sigh.

Oldman1002479d ago

Now all it needs is zombies.

Mrmagnumman3572479d ago

Yeah, but its a pc exclusive which is awesome, because that means the graphics will be really good... and the game will not have the restraints of consoles

ninjaman9992478d ago

While im happy for the concept since I love end of the world situations in my games, it comes down to the gameplay, not the graphics. PLEASE MAKE IT FUN, I WANT THIS TO SUCCEED :)