Modern Warfare 3 DLC ideas to save game

Product-Reviews writes: If they are planning to release DLC every few weeks for MW3, we doubt it is going to be new maps every time as that wouldn’t be logical and would take far too much time to develop. A more possible idea is having a certain mission unlock or perhaps a set of objectives similar to the BF3 assignments in which MW3 players will need to complete.

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Valenka2481d ago

Let's keep what makes Battlefield different OUT of the Call of Duty series, please.

tr00p3r2481d ago

Sooner or later, people will get sick of the same formula over and over again. The people that do not are in denial.

Majin-vegeta2481d ago

That's why alot of us hate it cuz they haven't really done anything ground breaking for the series i got a couple ideas that i wish they would use in a game but we all know that won't happen.

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SuperSaiyan42481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

And got MW2 again, MW2 less nonsense like stupid respawns, enemies appearing right next to you out of nowhere, people dissappearing suddenly then appearing behind you. Bullet lag, poor maps etc etc.

Even though COD4 is still the best one imo, MW2 has less nonsense but also better perks and system.

I will not be getting any future COD games.

Cosmit2481d ago

MW2 has to be the least balanced out of all of them. I prefer MW3 over MW2 any day.


MW2 is the least balanced...But, not having to deal with the bull crap lag and spawns makes up for it.

when MW2 came out i hated it, in many ways I still do. I love cod4 and I got MW3 hoping, really hoping that MW3 would play and feel more like cod4, which is what the dev's said they were aiming for.

After playing MW3 and trying my hardest to get into it and find some reason to like it, I gave up and sold it.

MW2 is unbalanced, but as long as I know i can see a person and genuinely be the first to pull the trigger and hit him I at least feel like I have a fighting chance and I can hold my own.

No matter how balanced MW3 is, it means little to me if I can't actually kill people I run into because they have seen me and started shooting while on my screen even though I have seen and shot them, I am a few seconds behind because of some delay. It's the most frustrating thing I think I have ever come across.

MW2 lags, don't get me wrong and you still get bullshit like I shot a guy a few times and he seems to sponge all my shots and then put a clip into me and kill me, but at least I can actually SEE him put that clip into me.

MW3 I see a guy and I just drop dead, I didn't even see him shoot and like a split second ago he was not even there... mean while on his screen he has casually ran round the corner seen my standing and put a whole clip into me while I just stand and look at him as if I am stupid or something. How can I really enjoy that experience?

I have a lot of issues with MW2 with everything from the noob tubing, to commando and all of that crap. I always hated it, but I could live with it because I knew that on average I am a faster and more accurate shot with my standard AR then they are trying to run and spray or whatever.. MW3 feels like it has taken that one thing away from me and it's just the one thing I cannot do without.

If you have one of those connections that seems unaffected by the bullshit, or like some of the noobs who didn't play much of cod4 and don't really know the difference then ya, MW3 will seem awesome.

On paper it is the better game, but until they fix the lag, spawns and come up with some better maps, MW3 has nothing that puts it over MW2.

Then there are people that will say, oh it's just because you suck... ya maybe, but you are welcome to come play a few games with me and I guarantee you I will give you a good run for your money, at least on cod4 or MW2.

Zha1tan2481d ago

Believe it or not its the perfect game for people to play when they get in from a long day of work from a stressful job.

This is the main market of COD, these people dont care for hardcore gaming and dedicating hours into a game to achieve something.

Its just fast food gaming but guess DONT have to play it which is why I dont understand the COD hate.

I prefer my games like a nicely cooked steak, takes time but the reward is great if you have the time to cook it.

Theres obviously a high percentage of people who jsut want a quick bit of entertainment to fill them up "fast food gaming" and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it doesnt demean their intelligence at all just because they have a different taste to you.

Bottom line, let these people buy the game and dont care, theres plenty of hardcore titles out there for everyone.

Last of all get over yourself, because you play battlefield over COD does not make you more intelligent because by that logic because I play ARMA II & Red Orchestra II that makes me more intelligent than BF players.

TopDudeMan2481d ago

I don't want my call of duty to be like battlefield. If I wanted that, I'd have bought battlefield. The daily and weekly challenges are enough.

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