3DS Lite – Do It Right Or Not At All

MMGN: It’s way too early to be thinking about the 3DS Lite. Besides its horrendous battery life, there’s no reason to revise the current hardware. It looks good, it feels good and it does everything the handheld needs to.

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Godchild10202532d ago

You would think the would add the second analog stick to the 3DS with a revision to the console.

MattyF2532d ago

Who is to say they won't? The Nekkie article, which people still seem to ignore, was an article speculating on what may happen in 2012 i.e. a 3DS Lite. It wasn't a rumor based on any fact or insider information.

Will a revision come out? Yes, it is expected.

Godchild10202532d ago

I meant *they* would add the second analog stick. I still want a white 3DS to come to the US.

meganick2531d ago

I think Nintendo should also swap the d-pad and the left circle pad so that the d-pad is on top. That would make using the d-pad far more comfortable.

ronin4life2530d ago

And mess up the balance of holding the system while using the slidepad.