The Biggest Disappointments of 2011

Every year a number of games release promising gamers the world. Of those games, few live up to the hype. Here are the games that received some epic hype while they were in development, but failed to deliver on the many claims made prior to their release. Though the games listed below offer a decent gaming experience, over all, what they end up delivering is an incomplete gaming experience.

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Serjikal_Strike3396d ago

I disagree with SR3 being a disappointment

its in my personal top 5 most fun games of 2011

ApplEaglElephant3396d ago

Is prob the biggest disappoint of the year. Sadly, i am getting used to this repeated disappointment.

m233395d ago

My friend got me the game, and I wasn't expecting much. For me its more of a surprise in a great way, its just so over the top and fun.

antz11043395d ago

Seriously these biggest disappointment 2011 articles are getting old....

Lol theres no way you can put Gears 3 and Brink in the same list.

m233396d ago

Gears 3 was easy? Have they even played it on insane difficulty? On top of that you can add certain modifiers to make it even more difficult.
Gears 3 was a great game as was Saint's Row the Third, no need to look for excuses to hate on them.

DeathAvengers3396d ago

Myrrah was impossible on insane!

jrbeerman113396d ago

Not to mention gears 3 is a multiplayer focused game, and a dam fine one at that. I keep coming back to gears mult, its just so good.

m233395d ago

Yeah man, there's nothing like getting a few friends together and destroying others online.

NewZealander3396d ago

i bought gears 3 on release, and still play it heaps even now, theres no way its easy on insane.

one of the best games this gen, i guess hate the best games = hits

ginsunuva3396d ago

Actually I did find gears 3 to be a bit of a disappointment. It was supposed to be an all-out emotional (supposedly) conclusion to the trilogy but felt like an average installment.

IRetrouk3396d ago

the only thing that bothered me about gears 3 was them not really explaining why the queen was human or how she got the locust to follow her, other than that, brill game.

TBM3395d ago

finally someone else who feels the same way as i do about the queen being human.

IRetrouk3395d ago

i know!!!! i dont get why someone interviewing cliff hasnt asked. it just dont get explained.

GameOn3396d ago

I found it more emotional than most shooters considering Marcus lost his brother and his father was turned to ash in front of his eyes. Not many shooters come close in the emotion department for me.

jrbeerman113396d ago

Careful w spoilers, someone may freak out on you.

I agree though i though marcus did show a good amount of emotion in game.

Although i didnt buy the game for emotion.

m233395d ago

Those two parts were pretty emotional, especially the first instance since I've been playing since the first game. It was pretty sick how they did that scene though with the music and everything.

TBM3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

i actually didnt care that dom died, in a way i was kinda glad he died because i never really liked his character. even though i like gears 3 i didnt feel one bit of emotion at all in the game.

Yui_Suzumiya3396d ago

Stupid list, most of those games range from good to amazing. Dragon Age II, Bulletstorm, Duke Nukem Forever, Gears of War 3, Homefront, Red Faction: Armageddon and Saints Row: The Third.

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The story is too old to be commented.