New Retro Duo Portable Classic Console Plays All Classic Games

Well, let's say it plays most of the classic games that count. This is the latest in new school portables that play old school games. This is the Retro Duo Portable by Retrobit. Take a look at how you can get your game-on 3 different ways. (I know, sounds a bit dirty!)

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3GenGames2572d ago

Warning: Retro-Duo consoles are known for being POS's, even for a crap clone. Buy at your own risk, as it probably doesn't work with many expansion chips. For NES you should buy...well, they all suck, buy none. For SNES, baring the sound problem, it has great compatibility is a good portable, great system. For Genny buy the official Sega one that also plays ROM's off the optional SD card as that's a no-brainer as you don't need carts, and it's licensed. It's got about 98% comparability.

And then in the end honestly, I'd advise just to buy a used PSP and jailbreak it, it plays many more systems and games with better compatibility and screen size and sound. Much better than all the dedicated portable console options today.

oldskoolfool2572d ago

What?? Are you ill son? the Retro Duo's were voted the #1 compatibility of all clone systems. That's why they are on version 3.0! Why do you think they would keep making them, if no one was buying them.

I'll have a review shortly and the SOUND IS BUMPIN! Sounds excellent on the SNES I played and the NES. And not to mention the Genesis compatibility.

And for the record, there is no "official Sega portable". Just because they have licensed games, does not mean that they are official. "Official" products are made by the actual companies. they just approve the licensing of their games, big difference.

3GenGames2572d ago

The GenMobile is the official licensed Genesis portable and you put more games on an SD card to play.

And Retro Duos are a pile of crap. They have reversed duty cycles on their systems, and don't work with MMC5 mapper or the NES Power Pak. They also have mis-proportioned sounds on top of having the duty cycles wrong.

And whatever sound you must be "bumping" has wrong duty cycles on the NES side too, and it sounds like crap.

And weather they make it or just license it, it's the same thing in the end: the "official" system.

Please don't tell me what I know about a clone, considering I work on NES programs and have been for a few years, I know what I'm talking about.

BootHammer2572d ago

This is win...will have to see a review first though once it comes out. Definitely hopeful this is built well b/c the price for all that old school goodness on the go is pretty tempting.

oldskoolfool2569d ago

Yeah, and I've been in the games industry for 10+ years, especially within the classics genre. And I'm talking about the RD portable. Your argument is NOT relevant to the the post as stated. And the Genmobile is a garbage handheld that emulates Genesis games like trash. All the Genmobile is, is a revised prototype from the Atgames portables. So, I know what I'm talking about. Because I know the the team that makes it...thanks!