PC piracy compromises game investment - LittleSpaceHeroes dev

Paul Alex Gray from Bubble Gum Interactive, the Sydney-based developer of LittleSpaceHeroes, believes PC piracy is too big a compromise in a time when digital distribution is becoming increasingly important.

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BlackBusterCritic2530d ago

Bullshit. Who cares about piracy, if PROFITS ARE GOING UP!! You don't need to sell that many copies on PC to turn a huge profit. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't count a pirated game as a loss. The pirate could have NEVER had the intention to purchase the game in the first place, just because they pirate it doesn't mean they played it, many merely demo the game by pirating it, and most PC gamers will just buy the game whenever they see it on sale on Gamersgate, Steam, and other digital distribution mediums. I pirated Alice Madness Returns & Sonic Generations, but bought them on Steam just this holiday.

ninjahunter2530d ago

I have to agree, Ive boughten every game ive pirated, some games i havent even played after i bought them. Of course piracy would probably decrease if demos were released these days.