Skyrim and the Compass to Nowhere

Kotaku: Why do you do what you do in Skyrim?

Here's the idea of an open-world game: you do what you want. Skyrim is certainly an open-world game, no argument about that. Can you do what you want? Well, within the obvious constraints of the game, you can indeed do whatever you feel like doing. Want to ignore the Greybeards and explore every cave to the west of Whiterun? Do it, and I won't tell you you're doing it wrong. Want to follow the main quest as directly as possible, only diverging when you need to upgrade your skills? I couldn't tell you why that would be bad.

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rizzo-rizzo2530d ago

My brain rejects all negativity, so I'll leave this with Zero comments. my ignorance makes me smile and walk away.. oh wait a second.

"Alternately, you can select every quest in your book, and look at a compass full of arrows, and start walking. This is fine." ... Lofl.

That was the great thing about The Witcher 2. I would automatically write down in a journal how things worked out in the end, whether you morally choose to fail a quest, or intimidatingly threatened a harmless drug dealer who made people relax, the game gets the completionists reward. Not something artificially crafted in Skyrim.

In Skyrim, you're forced to make forceful, immoral decisions, because the arrow points there. If you didn't you still couldn't cancel the stupid quest. It would remain in your journal unfinished, and you would never find out what that "unusual gem" does since you were forced to be an A-hole to get it, as the article describes. They ruined the thieves guild this way.

I love the game nonetheless, no mean to be hyprocritical. I think a modder should change the theme song to Talking Heads chorus for "We're on the road to nowhere" just for kicks. maybe people might realize a thing or two.

hazardman2530d ago

I have a problem with the thief guild quest. i cant seem to find keerava in the bee and barbs. i don't know if i killed her or not. The quest is still active tho, so she has to be somewhere unless i got a bug that ruined that aspect of game. everytime i go in the male lizard dude is there, but not her. has anyone had same problem or if you know what else i can do..please let me know...there is no going back to beginning I'm at lvl 43 and 100% on light armor and archery...NICE!!

joab7772530d ago

Great article. I began by attempting to finish everything in white run. It brought me other places but then back. I am a Mage so I moved on to winter hold. I do simply explore whenever I can but eventually u get a backlog of quests and arrow time begins. Whenever I finish everything I move on to the next city to see what it offers. I also find that I need particular armor and a particular follower for each endeavor. After awhile though, I maxed my initial skillset and moved on to another in order to increase my level. It was a great idea though as I find it very accessible to b great at something other than magic and skyrim is big enough and long enough to hone my skills as the complete package. I am the dragon born who will save the world, why wouldn't I be good at magic, swords, and archery. I also have my own story as to why and how I tackle the civil war and daedric quests. I am stopping the dragons but I am also waging war on the thalloid. As a high elf, it is sweet justice. But yes, as a completionist and an achievement whore I have spent time following the arrow. I had to reload an early save and knock out the daedric quests when I realized that the skeleton key wasn't an artifact. But, like everything else, I work the arrow and my worship of it into my back story. I have to say though that I have never been this invested or continuing exploration at 215 hrs before. The only thing better than this is knowing that in 4 weeks kingdoms of Amalur releases. Could it be possible that two of the best RPGs of this gen release back to back for me. I hope so.