More details revealed for Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Sarah Play Arts Kai figure

Square Enix has revealed several new details for their upcoming Serah Farron (based on her appearance from Final Fantasy XIII-2) Play Arts Kai action figure.

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Ranma12572d ago

I detest this game.

You know when you hate something so much, and you look at it, and in your mind you hate it and you kind of smile.

To me, ff13 is that thing.

And thats coming from a FF fan (or should i say former FF fan, dont even know if am fan anymore)

Hicken2572d ago

First and foremost: who cares? It's fine if you don't like XIII, but this isn't even about XIII, but XIII-2.

Secondly, it's not even about XIII-2, but about a figure.

So why even comment? An article about a figure of a character from a sequel to a game you hate... that's just too much work for you to bother wasting your time with your opinion, as entitled as you are to that opinion.