The Twelve Games That Will Define 2012

Looking back at the year we departed from just a handful of days ago it’s hard to suggest that 2011 wasn’t a great year for gaming. From shooters to RPGs, from new beginnings to dramatic conclusions, from the return of classics to exciting new universes, there was something for everyone to love. Most of us are trying to get around to playing even half of the games that were released this past quarter, let alone finish such great games as Skyrim and Skyward Sword. And yet, while we still reel from having so much to play from this past Fall we have entered 2012, a year that has an exciting list of new games that will do their best to reduce our productivity to all-time lows.

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Kingdom Come2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Whilst I agree with many featured on the list, I don't agree with the listing of "The Last of Us", yes the trailer was fantastic, yes Naughty Dogs track record is brilliant, but it's a new IP with almost no information regarding gameplay released, therefor how can we state that it will be one of the defining games next year?

Mine would be:
Grand Theft Auto V
Bioshock Infinite
Hitman Absolution
Halo 4
Prey 2
Mass Effect 3
The Last Guardian

Huwmor2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

True but if you needed to fill out your list to 12 like this author, The Last of us is where I'd start (dishonoured,a good second 2012's deus ex imo). With a track record that's in my opinion as good as R*, I think the game can be assumed a must-play but that's just me :)

The author's inclusion of DMC and aliens seems presumptuous(the fanbase being either weak or actively hating for the respective game) and Tomb raider can go either way. I'm quite hopeful for it.

Last point, I strongly doubt Valve will go an entire year without shipping any game even if none are announced yet. Whatever they do come out with, is sure to be boss.

edit* Valve have announced DOTA 2 and counter strike for 2012 so it's really just up to them not pulling a valve with those:)

Slackerchan2478d ago

Hi there, I wrote this piece.

A couple of points:

I included The Last of Us over The Last Guardian because, in the end, we have an idea of how you will play Naughty Dog's title after one trailer and yet, despite several trailers over the course of three years, we know next to nothing about what kind of a game The Last Guardian is. I want to play TLG as much as anyone else but there hasn't been a shred of concrete information as to what kind of a game it'll truly be.

I didn't include Halo 4 for similar reasons. Give us an in-game trailer and maybe I'll change my mind but until then we have a mission statement, not an outline of what it will really be. 343 Industries has to prove itself with this game so I'll wait until E3 before I consider it on a list like this.

Zha1tan2478d ago

For me personally it will be

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron - A game were I can play as a transforming robotic tyrannosaurus that breaths fire? who can say no?! Plus War for Cybertron was highly underatted, it was liek the arkham asylum to TF fans.

Prey 2: Love the idea of being a bounty hunter in a game and have always thought it makes for a great game similar to Star Wars Bounty hunter but set in a blade runner stylised alien city.

Aliens Colonial Marines: I really, really, reallly want this to be great and thankfully so far it does and I hope gearbox puts their effort into this unlike some "other" titles because if any series deserves a game to honour it, it is the aliens film as its given so much inspiration to gaming.

Mass Effect 3: I also want this to be good but I want to see a return of the wide customisation from ME1 and a return to a grander story as seen in ME1. I want to see bigger zones because SWTOR is an MMO and has huge zones were as ME is a strictly SP game, why were the zones in ME2 so small? plus why was the mako replaced with firing darts at a planet? it has potential but not my pre order.

GTA IV: I dont like the realisim appraoch the series has taken, I find they get boring after the main story as there is not much content to be had after. Until it surpasses SA in terms of content il have to hold it off.

Far Cry 3: VERY impressed with this so far! grpahically looks phenomenal and the combat looks slick, smooth and intuitive (aslong as that was not QTEs). The voice acting and characters also look amazing, "have I ever told you the defintion of insanity?"

THe Last of Us: The Premise is great but I cant comment as I havent seen any execution and its a new IP

Kingdom Come2478d ago

Of course, Far Cry 3, how could I have forgotten?

just_looken2478d ago

far cry 2 had bs ai and game breaking glitch's with no fix who would want #3?.

Kingdom Come2478d ago

Perhaps people who enjoy the franchise? I lived the map creator and the fire physics are second to none. Also, the footage previewed at E3 last year showed strong indications to past mistakes being adressed, interesting characters, stronger shooting mechanics (Cover-System), working stealth, a true choice as to how to approach scenarios, more interesting game world and more memorable firefights.

Zha1tan2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )


Because the stealth element actually works, there seems to be many dynamic ways to approach a situation and well "the definition of Insanity" just outright wins.

We all know FC2 was fairly crap and repetative but the older far cry games were excellent and they have gone in a great direction according to the gameplay so I remain optimistic but at the same time not hyped.

TheLastGuardian2478d ago

This list sucks except for Bioshock Infinite, GTA V and The Last of Us. List needs more PS3 and Vita exclusives.

Twisted Metal is going to define 2012 for me because that's the game I'll be playing the most.

DigitalRaptor2478d ago

Speak for yourself dude.

You telling me that Vita's offerings are better than class acts like Hitman: Absolution, Prey 2, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect 3, Dishonored and Far Cry 3?

Fair enough if you want to tout PS3 exclusives - there are lots of them - but don't go there with Vita, please!