IGN preview of Resistance: Fall of Man

IGN get there grubby little mitts on the upcoming title Resistance: Fall of Man!

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zonetrooper55852d ago

it looks like CoD or medal of honor but with aliens and the graphics are not the best but its good enough for a launch title. I would rather have motorstorm than this game.

TheMART5852d ago

The review is promissing. As I've said before, this game looks really good. I vote cool again on this story. But to play the devils advocate, get a few of the points that I feel are not so great:

1. It is looking like COD3 but then with aliens added. And in my opinion, COD3 looks slightly better

2. The preview states: "While vehicles sadly will not be usable online, this is a direct effect of its focus on cramming everyone together in a small area. 40 players crammed together that is, meaning that vehicles simply wouldn't fit."

So why didn't they cut some players then to 25 or 30 and added the vehicles? One wouldn't notice if there were 10 people less in one field or not.

3. A Halo killer, which has been here for some time and evolved, with nr. 3 being the biggest thing ever made? Don't think so. But I am curious to see this on a demopod in the shops

EnforcerOfTheTruth5852d ago

1. You are surely forgetting that it blows COD3 in physics. Destructable environments anyone?
2. You got something wrong here, with "focus on cramming everyone together in a small area" they don't mean the map size. The IGN preview is a little misleading, here is better explained what IGN meant with it:

"One point that Insomniac emphasized here was that despite the large size of the maps, they're designed to force conflict. They want concentrated battles, they want matches with 40 players matches to feel like you're actually competing alongside 39 other players, instead of spreading everyone out so only two or three opponents are in the immediate area."

TheMART5852d ago

1. I've fully destructable environments also in Black on my xbox, but I can't say that makes a game great.

When I shoot with a gun from the 2nd world war time and even in COD2 I already shoot bullet holes in the wall what looks like the real stuff, I am pretty fine.

2. They could have done 35 people and add some driving objects. Or make the arena a bit smaller.

Missing cars to drive around is just too bad. There could have been made other sacrifices that's what I am saying.

But still I would like to play it on a demopod although I think it'll loose the battle with COD3 and Gears of War on another demopod running

EnforcerOfTheTruth5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

1. Well that's just your opinion, if just bulletholes are enough for you, then fine, but don't expect everybody to think like that.
BTW comparing COD3 with RFOM is ridiculous. COD3 is just the thousands ww2 shooter without any innovations. RFOM is fresh game with innovative weapons and multiplayer, good story and great physics. It will blow COD3 in physics and gameplay.

2. They could have done 40 people and add some driving objects. It has more to do with the gameplay and not sacrificing something.

Captain Tuttle - This feature of course won't work in multiplayer. Did you expect that if somebody zooms then everybody becomes slower?

Optimus Prime5852d ago

xbug, there are tons of fps shooters with aliens in them too. dont think this is the first of its kind. it has distructable enviorment. if you are excited just for that, because that is about the only thing there is on that game that is different from other fps.

EnforcerOfTheTruth5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

It's not the usual si-fi alien shooter, what makes the story interesting is that they created an alternative history.
The distructable enviorment isn't the only difference, you are forgetting the innovative weapons and multiplayer. In almoust all multiplayer games(SC offers also an innovative mp) both sides have same capabilities and weapons. Just read the 2 previews on this site and you'll get the idea how great the mp mode of this game can get.

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Captain Tuttle5852d ago

Seem a little too gimicky to me, like they're trying to hard. I mean, a sniper rifle that can slow down time? I'm not sure how that'd work on Multiplayer. I really want this game to be good but everytime I hear something new I get more skeptical.

MoKa5852d ago

The sniper rifle that slows time when you zoom would be unfair in Multiplayer, I think that is only for Single and Co-Op, maybe it'll be a different function for Multi.. Only my guess.

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