NWR: Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive Review

NWR: Ever since I was a young Pokemon trainer, I imagined an evolutionary line of pocket monsters that resembled an engorged phallus. The first one is Dikidik, a worm-like critter with one eye. At level 18, he evolves into Bifurenis, a double-headed beast with thick, hairy legs. Finally, at level 36, you get Throbicock, a big, three-headed, winged monster with two flagellum-like tails. Needless to say, none of the Pokemon games have given me these bizarre, perhaps demented creatures. Freakyforms, however, Nintendo’s recent downloadable 3DS game, actually gives me the opportunity to create these monsters myself. Once done, these Poke-perversions can run around a fairly large platforming world, eating fruit and laying eggs or, as the situation dictates, taking sizable purple dumps. I love this game.

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