Video Game Journalism Deserves A Bit More Respect

Ryan Winslett: Now, I know what a lot of you folks in the audience are saying: "Ryan, you silly goose, there's no such thing as a video game journalist. What you guys do isn't 'journalism,' dummy. All you do is copy and paste press releases."

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NukaCola3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

"Dear Blog,

Today I farted and I hate Sony and Vita is DOOOOOMMMEEDD and Kinect Fruit Ninja is teh best game everr and this is my top ten reasons why the top ten reasons list would be better if they only were a top 8 do to what a guy I knew in 5th grade's younger brothers dogsitter told me once last week. And tomorrow I'll finish my the PS3 will surpass the 360 with these 3 easy steps article before I do a vlog on why I hate that the 360 I got from a yardsale that RRoD on me. Also the 3DS is still doomed."
-----***Uploads as NEWs to N4G from "Major Popular Site"**--------

^^^This obviously made up pile of fail isn't directly attacking anyone person or media site, but this is what I read, what we read everyday. Garbage, poorly written by people who get off on complaining, lying, fanboying and stirring up hit articles to post ratings. I have respect for those who deserve it. And most so-called journalists in the game industry don't deserve it. You want my attention, be an Adam Sessler. If you can make me think about something and some to an intellectual level and treat me as an adult without all the flash and whining, I'll listen. I don't care about your thoughts on what will SAVE the DOOOOOMED topic at hand or why SAID GAME will FAIL. Take a look at gaming media 10 years ago and reach for that. Gaming media today has positioned itself in a spot where it sits between the Supermarket Tabloids and stuff written on subway restroom walls when it comes to factual reliabilitya and credibility.

Bsip3621d ago

Salient point. Too bad it has absolutely nothing to do with the article you just didn't read, which seems to be and interesting, well-written, and objective piece about real journalists who work diligently within the profession. There's plenty of stuff to complain about on N4G without having to trash quality pieces.

C_Menz3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Agreed. I submitted this since it was actually well written and showed the overlooked side of gaming journalism that most ignore.

I won't deny that gaming journalism as a whole has been on a downwards spiral quality and integrity wise but that isn't what the article is about.

StraightPath3620d ago

coming from a unknown site wishing to be famous i guess haha

Gaetano3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

The biggest problem with Video Game Journalism is video game PR.

PR in the industry is by far the worst PR to deal with across all forms of entertainment. I literally bang my head against the wall when having to deal with these people that either know nothing about the game, know nothing about the competition, know nothing about the industry, or all of the above.

I absolutely HATE when people get on the back of people for writing blogs they disagree with, and calling them out as "poor journalists".

A journalist's job is to REPORT the news, and NOT to provide opinion. And when they are providing opinion, it must be backed up by a source in some capacity.

Opinion is really part of "citizen journalism", which isn't really journalism in the traditional sense, but it gives someone the freedom to call themselves a journalist, which is fine as long as they're able to make the same sort of sacrifices and compromises as a real journalist. But I would call someone that writes exclusively about games a "journalist", because they are more often than not reporting the news.

Journalism in gaming is very restrictive because PR generally don't appreciate the passion gamers have, of which I believe is stronger than any amount of passion a film buff might have.

PR is and always will be the biggest hurdle in video game journalism. The quicker publishers get rid of arrogant reps that only deal with their friends and people that talk favorably about their products, it'll be a big step towards a better all-round journalism effort from the gaming community.

I LOVE this quote:

"The problem with the games industry is that the major sources are so ridiculously guarded."

Ridiculous is an understatement. Interviewing Iwata was the most exciting, and most frustrating moment of my life. Three PR reps, a marketing manager and some Japanese minders. It was awful. How am I supposed to build a connection when I am being watched over like a hawk, and I'm given strict guidelines NOT to talk about the most tedious, irrelevant of things?

Christopher3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

That's because most game journalists aren't journalists and aren't meant to be journalists.

If you want to be a journalist, you don't need to wait for the game companies to give you the info you want. You will find something to write about, research it, and present it to the world.

The issues that the video game industry faces is the exact same as for TV and Movies, yet those journalists have been succeeding for a lot longer than the video game industry.

What you think of as 'respect' isn't really going to happen since you are just as limited in the scope of information you receive and must spend more time writing more opinion-derived articles. The problem is that everyone has an opinion and can throw it up on the Web and call themselves a video game journalist. I hope you are not defending these 'journalists' but instead are defending those who write as journalists rather than sensationalists or for the hits.

Troll-without-Bridge3620d ago

Respect is earned, you don't just asked for it.

3619d ago
Der_Kommandant3620d ago

Do you want respect with articles with doomed as the last word?

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