What Makes Them Tick: Riku of Kingdom Hearts

GP Editor Dominic Dimanche writes, "With the coming of the latest Kingdom Hearts quasi-sequel Dream Drop Distance, my insane love for those keyblade wielders tales has come to the forefront once more. What makes me more excited is that fact I can play as my favorite character in the series – Riku.

For some reason, I found Riku to be far more of an interesting character as opposed to Sora who I considered the archetypal hero-type. Sora rarely ever experienced conflicts or doubt for too long, so while he played as the titular good guy, Riku’s story of becoming a hero was lot more winding and twisted. In my opinion, this makes him far more gratifying of a character as you see him progress."

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NukaCola3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I sometimes get ticked when there are about 8-10 side stories, remakes, special editions, mobile games, handheld titles, rehashes and graphic novels of a series called Kingdom Hearts when I BlOoDy hEll HAVE BEEN WAITING ALMOST 7 YEARS for a DAMN SEQUEL! Where is Kingdom Hearts 3 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

/Rage complete.

rezzah3454d ago

Just following the story of 1,2, and then onto 3 will leave you in complete darkness; despite how cool the game is.

Since, as it would appear, most of us do not own every system/device for all KH games it is best to read them in order.

This way you can understand everything as no KH game is non-canon (that I know of). They are all pieces of the puzzle and make complete sense once read.

Majin-vegeta3454d ago

I still can't beat Sephiroth after all these years:(.

Snookies123454d ago

Which one? KH2 or KH1? I personally found 1's Sephiroth to be harder, but neither of them are too bad once you get the pattern down. :p

Majin-vegeta3454d ago

Would you believe both:O??Maybe i should dig them out and try to beat it.

Snookies123453d ago

Go for it man, I got to level 99 on KH1 by doing the Seph battle over and over. ^^ On KH2 you get a special keyblade, so both are worth doing. Just takes patience to learn the battle haha.

BluePumpkin73453d ago

i got him with my level at 73 in kh2
and at 95 in kh1

he's extremely easy to beat in 2 than 1 just put on good accessories and keep healing and elixirs help too but they're not necessary
Good luck :P

Hufandpuf3453d ago

Kh2 Sephiroth is easier than one. Don't be too beat up about it though, both of them are hard.

Unlimax3453d ago

Good news guys .. 80% KH3 Will be announced at TGS 12 !

- Without a source